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HELLO AND CONGRATULATIONS TO YOUR NEW ALBUM „RAZOR BURN“, WHICH IS NOW ALSO AVAILABLE IN GERMANY. „RAZOR BURN“ IS THE 11TH PUBLICATION SINCE YOU SET UP TEN YEARS AGO. SEEMS THAT ASHTON NYTE DOESN´T KNOW ANY STUFFINESS, DOES HE? No I don’t ;). I made a pact with myself that I would not sleep any time before 2035, so here’s hoping… “Razor Burn” is in fact the 8th album by The Awakening, in addition I’ve released 4 solo albums and there are always more to follow… BY THE TIME, DID YOUR MUSIC CHANGE INTO ONE SPECIAL DIRECTION OR HAVE THERE BEEN SEVERAL CHANGES IN BETWEEN? I’d like to think that The Awakening has progressed and re-invented itself a good couple of times. My solo projects are usually stylistically quite radically different from The Awakening’s sound and vision. WHAT IS SPECIAL ABOUT „RAZOR BURN“? I think it best represents where the band is right now. It’s the album featuring the most actual band involvement. It’s also the first album I’ve mixed and produced with someone else at a studio other than my own. Lastly – it’s obviously our best album 🙂 QUITE REMARKABLE IS, THAT THERE HAVE BEEN LOTS OF CHANGES CONCERNING THE MEMBERS OF THE AWAKENING. SO WHY? The usual story of life getting in the way of music. Not everyone can honestly dedicate themselves to what it takes to survive in the world of art and expression. I am fortunate to be playing with people I love dearly right now and only hope and pray that this line-up survives! IN SOUTH AFRICA YOU’RE THE STAR OF THE GOTHIC ROCK-SCENE. EVEN INTERNATIONAL BANDS DON’T HAVE A CHANCE TO BE ON PAR WITH YOU. HOW BIG IS YOUR FOLLOWING IN YOUR COUNTRY? Big enough for me to feed my cat and buy eyeliner regularly 🙂 WHAT CAN YOU TELL US ABOUT THE MUSIC-SCENE IN SOUTH AFRICA? ARE THERE MANY NATIVE MUSICIANS? WHICH KIND OF MUSIC IS HIP? Unfortunately the most well supported music in South Africa is called Kwaito (a kind of house music), closely followed by R&B (satan’s worst joke) and then adult contemporary crap. So it’s quite a challenge playing rock music of any description in SA with very limited support base. However, the underground is alive and well and we continue to take the music directly to the people. Viva le Revolution! SOUTH AFRICA IS KNOWN AS THE “RAINBOW-STATE”, BECAUSE OF ITS SEVERAL DIFFERENT ETHNIC POPULATION GROUPS. THE AWAKENING IS FAMOUS FOR ITS RATHER BLEAK SOUND. WHICH POPULATION GROUPS BELONG TO YOUR FOLLOWING? We appeal to a healthy cross section of our population, although predominantly white fan base, with a good number black, coloured and asian followers too. CURRENTLY YOU’RE ALSO ON CD-LAUNCH TOUR. HOW DO YOUR FANS LIKE THE NEW ALBUM? There really has been a great response so far! We are continually amazed at how well people are responding to songs they have never heard before! YOU’RE MANAGED BY MCM MUSIC FROM GERMANY AN YOU`RE SIGNED BY MASSACRE RECORDS, WHICH IS ALSO SETTLED IN GERMANY. IS THERE A CHANCE TO SEE YOU LIVE IN GERMANY SOON? There is a good chance that may happen. We have spent so many years trying to break through, whilst living out here in Africa – but logistically it would make good sense to leave the wildlife and wilderness behind and head towards A first world country 🙂 YOU OBVIOUSLY HAVE VISITED GERMANY BEFORE – WAS IT A SHORT OR A LONG STAY? AND HOW DID HE LIKE THE COUNTRY AND ITS INHABITANTS? Yes, I’ve visited Germany (and most of Europe) a couple of times. I’ve been fortunate to stay long enough to know that I’d definitely like to come back! There is an incredible sense of history, legacy and efficiency that we definitely don’t experience in South Africa! HOWARD CARPENDALE IS THE ONLY MUSICIAN FROM SOUTH AFRICA WHO IS FAMOUS IN GERMANY. WHAT ABOUT YOUR POPULARITY? IS IT CONFINED TO YOUR COUNTRY OR ARE YOU ALSO FAMOUS IN OTHER COUNTRIES? I think we’re slowly creeping into the global consciousness – whether it wants us or not… WHAT ABOUT YOUR INTERNATIONAL EXPERIENCE? DID YOU ALREADY TOUR IN OTHER COUNTRIES? To date, the only full International tour we’ve completed has been of the USA for the “Darker Than Silence” tour in Oct 2004. We are finalizing details for tours and festivals in Europe in the not too distant future though – so just keep checking my hp for updates! APART FROM YOUR MUSIC, OUR READERS ARE ALSO INTERESTED IN HOW IT IS TO LIVE IN SOUTH AFRICA, CONCERNING THAT APARTHEID ENDED AFTER 15 YEARS. AT THE SAME TIME AS THE FALL OF THE WALL BETWEEN THE TWO GERMAN STATES CAME ALONG, IN SOUTH AFRICA HAS FALLEN THE WALL BETWEEN BLACK AND WHITE. IN GERMANY, IT STILL SEEMS TO LAST A LONG TIME, UNTIL WE’RE GONNA BE ONE FOLK. WHAT ABOUT THE SITUATION IN SOUTH AFRICA? Unfortunately South Africa is one of those sublime paradoxes. We have a country rich in beauty and cultural diversity but also a country riddled with violent crime and poor sense of identity. The level of crime unfortunately affects everything you can and can’t do and naturally filters into who we are. As for the end of Apartheid: yes the division lines were removed but many divisions remain that only many many years will heal and remove. I don’t pretend to understand politics but on street level it is quite obvious that like most countries, South Africa is very much a work in progress. Optimism in the face violence and poverty. WHAT SHOULD BE A MUST DURING A TRIP TO SOUTH AFRICA? Visit Cape Town. One of the most beautiful places on earth. More specifically the winelands in the Stellenbosch area (for many reasons 🙂 AS USUAL IT’S YOUR TURN TO HAVE THE FINAL SAY TO OUR READERS. Thank you for the opportunity for us to do what we do! Visit us at and invite us to your part of your country – we’ll do what we can to get there! THANK YOU FOR TAKING THE TIME FOR THIS INTERVIEW AN GOOD LUCK WITH „RAZOR BURN“ AND YOUR TOUR. WE WOULD BE VERY GLAD TO SEE AND HEAR YOU “FACE TO FACE” IN GOOD OLD (AND EVEN COLD) GERMANY. Thank you – see you on the dark side of the road

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