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HI! WHERE ARE YOU AND WHO ARE YOU? Rainbow: I’m Rainbow, and I’m at home doing this interview. Chibi: My name is Chibi, I’m the singer for the Birthday Massacre, and I’m in Toronto, Ontario. YOU ARE FROM TORONTO, CANADA? HOW WELL KNOWN ARE YOU THERE AND IN NORTHERN US? Chibi: We recently played our first shows in the United States and I was really happy with the response we got, and the amount of people who knew who we are. Here in Toronto, we do draw a pretty decent crowd. At the show we played for the North American release of “Violet”, we were very happy with the turnout. A lot of people travel distances to see us, which is really awesome. THE FIRST THING THAT STRUCK ME WHEN I GOT TO KNOW THE BIRTHDAY MASSACRE WAS YOUR FABULOUS WEBSITE NOTHINGANDNOWHERE.COM. WHO DID THE PROGRAMMING AND WHAT WAS THE INSPIRATION BEHIND THE ARTWORK? Rainbow: We all contributed to the websites content and artwork but Aslan is responsible for tying it all together. We wanted to make a visual environment that people could really explore. Something with atmosphere and substance. We wanted to give people more than a cliched band/promo site. The basic idea of Nothing and Nowhere is that it’s a place. The visual dynamic of the website is indended to reflect those of the music. DID YOU HATE ALICE IN WONDERLAND SO MUCH IN YOUR CHILDHOOD THAT YOU MADE A PERVERTED/ SARDONIC VERSION OUT OF IT? Rainbow: We don’t hate Alice in Wonderland. It’s one of the many stories that inspired and entertained us a kids. We created a number of silhouette scenes inspired by various stories, dreams, and personal experiences. They reflected the themes of Horror, romance, fantasy, innocence and mystery. Each scene had it’s own environment with various characters interacting within it. We used the rabbit to bridge the scenes together. THE WHOLE BUNNY THING DID SOMEHOW REMIND ME OF THE STRANGE/ COMPLEX MOVIE DONNIE DARKO YOUR MUSIC COULD BE A GOOD SOUNDTRACK FOR… DO YOU KNOW/ LIKE THE MOVIE? EVER BEEN ASKED TO DO A SOUNDTRACK? Chibi: Yes, I’ve seen Donnie Darko, I did enjoy it a lot. As for soundtracks, we have been involved in several projects. There are a few online flash animated shorts which feature our music, and recently we were invited to submit a song to the soundtrack for an independent horror film called Desperate Souls. ACTUALLY, YOUR PRESENTATION IN THE NET COMPRISES A WHOLE NETWORK. WHAT LIES HIDDEN BEHIND THE YET UNOPENED CHAPTER OF VIOLETPRISON.COM? Chibi: We’re hoping to have a lot of interesting things available when this site is finally finished. There will be some video, some photographs and things like that, which we’re really excited about as we wrap them up. On an older version of this site, we had some candid shots of the band which were quite popular. We’ll have some more of them. AFTER HAVING RELEASED TWO EP’S IN AMERICA, WHEN WILL THERE BE A FULL ALBUM COMING OUT? Rainbow: Our first independent release in Canada was actually a 9 song LP called Nothing And Nowhere. It was self promoted/distributed and primarily sold online and at our shows here in Toronto. The European version of Violet is our first official full length release. THE EUROPEAN VERSION OF „VIOLET“ IS IN FACT A KIND OF FULL ALBUM CONTAINING 4 ADDITIONAL TRACKS FROM THE „NOTHING AND NOWHERE“ EP. WILL THERE BE A RELEASE OF THIS EP IN EUROPE AS WELL? Rainbow: We’re planning on pressing another limited run of Nothing And Nowhere so it’s available to those who want it. I’m not sure about european distribution. We may just bring some with us when we tour for anyone who’s interested in picking up a little piece of our history. HOW DID YOU GET IN TOUCH WITH GERMAN LABEL REPORECORDS WHICH IS OWNED BY THE FUNKER VOGT GUYS I BELIEVE. WHERE DO YOU KNOW THEM FROM? Chibi: A DJ submitted our music to the guys at Repo, and they contacted us after that. They were incredibly enthusiastic and excited about the band, which was great, and we felt very comfortable agreeing to work with them. COLOURS SEEM TO BE VERY INFLUENTIAL FOR YOUR WORK. WHAT ABOUT THE SPECIAL MEANING OF “VIOLET”? ANY CHILD TRAUMATA? ANY SYMBOLISM? Rainbow: Violet is the color of the tragic comedy. We associate it with fantasy and melancholy. These themes make up much of the bands lyrical inspiration. The color also mirrors our sound dynamic. Our music mixes contrasting elements. In turn, violet is the sum of two contrasting colors: Red and Blue. IS THIS THE ESSENCE OF YOUR WORK: „GOTH IS COLOURFUL?“ Rainbow: We’re not here to preach about what any particular genre tag should represent. Labeling is the furthest thing from our minds. I think genre taging is bore. When creative work is labled it tends to limit peoples perception of it. It’s like saying, ‚Is this black or is it white?‘ It’s one dimensional thinking. We want to be black AND white, and we’d like to throw some color into the mix while we’re at it. WHAT ABOUT PLAYING SHOWS IN EUROPE? ANY PLANS FOR THE NEAR FUTURE? Chibi: Yes, in the next few months hopefully some dates will be announced for the summer. Everything’s in the planning stages now, but hopefully we’ll be doing some club dates as well as some festivals. We’re all quite excited. I’ve never been to Europe before at all, and it’s something I’m really looking forward to. WHICH ACT WOULD YOU LIKE TO SUPPORT LIVE IN CASE YOU HAD THE FREE CHOICE? YOU WOULD PERFECTLY FIT TO THE CRÜXSHADOWS IN MY HUMBLE OPINION… Chibi: Ideally, the bands I’d like to support are ones that we would mutually complement through the music, as well as having a good chemistry on a personal level. The best shows are the ones where the bands support and respect one another and have a good time. There are so many bands I respect and admire that I’d love to play with. HAVE YOU EVER VISITED WAVE GOTIK TREFFEN IN GERMANY? Rainbow: Unfortunately not, we haven’t had the opportunity to visit Germany yet, but we’re planning on coming as early as Spring/ Summer. YOUR KEYBOARDER ADM LEFT THE BAND AND YOU WERE DOING YOUR FOLLOWING LIVE GIGS WITH A REPLACEMENT. WHO IS IT AND WILL S/HE TAKE ADM’S PLACE AS A FULL BAND MEMBER? Chibi: At the current moment, our good friend Brett from the Toronto band Aphasia is filling in the role of live keyboardist. We’ve had several people over the years who’ve joined us on stage to play the keyboards. When bringing a hopefully permanent member into the group, it’s very important for all of us to establish that we have the same goals and the same hopes for the band. Right now we are quite content playing with Brett, and although that may change in the future, we’re all having a very good time. WHAT DO YOU CONSIDER MUSICAL OR MORE GENERAL INFLUENCES TO YOUR WORK? DO YOU ON A PERSONAL LEVEL PREFER ELECTRONIC OR GUITAR DRIVEN MUSIC? Rainbow: When I listen to music I tend to focus on the progressions, melodies, and sound-textures. In this day and age, a guitar can easily be made to sound like a synthesizer and vice versa so I don’t have a particular preference for any specific insturment. We’re inspired by a wide range of music from colorful pop to rotton-ass death metal and industrial. Aside from music, I think books, films and art have had a strong impact on our sound. Fairytales, adult literature, cartoons, horror flicks, documentries. The list goes on and on. ARE YOU HAPPY LIVING IN CANADA CONSIDERING THE THINGS GOING ON IN THE STATES? Chibi: I’ve always liked living in Canada, I enjoy it here and I have not travelled enough to be familiar with the atmospheres of other places. There is a lot of turmoil in the States right now, and I have to say I am glad that I do not have to be involved in it. It seems there are some tough choices to be made right now, and a lot of people feel very strongly, and I just hope everything works out for the best. HOW CAN THE GOTHIC SCENE IN CANADA BE DESCRIBED? IS THERE A SCENE AT ALL? I AM AWARE OF SOME VERY INTERESTING HARSH ELECTRONIC PROJECTS. DO YOU KNOW GUY LIKE DECREE? Rainbow: There’s a scene for almost everything here in Toronto, although I’m not sure which, if any, we fit into. However, each scene is isolated from the other so it’s hard to find much variety in music/style in any one place. As far as a ‚goth‘ scene goes, there are a handful places that cater to that niche. The clubs and bands in that circuit have been very supportive. REGARDING THE BAND PICS YOU HAVE A GOOD TASTE FOR (CYBER) OUTFIT. IS THIS IMPORTANT FOR SUCCESS/ IMAGE OR A DEEP FEELING FOR GOTHIC LIFESTYLE? Rainbow: We like to have fun with our image. It’s theatrical but it’s also somewhat „tongue in cheek“. When we play live, we like to dress up. We probably do it more to entertain ourselves than anything else. CAN YOU MAKE A LIVING OFF MUSIC OR WHAT ARE YOUR EVERYDAY JOBS (IF I MAY ASK THIS QUESTION)? Rainbow: Things are going well. At this point, however, all the money we make from the band still ends up going back into the band. We still work jobs, we still have rent and bills to pay. Chibi: … it is a struggle to make a living from your creative pursuits, and always has been, it seems. WHAT ARE YOUR FAVOURITE BANDS/BOOKS/MOVIES AT THE MOMENT? Rainbow: I’m reading „IT“ at the moment. I wanted a new book to read so I borrowed it from Falcore. I really enjoyed the movie ‚Grudge 2‘ which I saw recently. I went to see ‚The Faint‘ play here in Toronto this past weekend which was refreshing. Lately I’ve been listening to bands like The Organ, Massive Attack, Prick, Metric, Lamb, Felix Da Housecat, to name a few. Chibi: My favourite author is Frances Gorden, I’m currently re-reading her book “Thorn”. I’m also reading several knitting books, as winter is coming and I’m getting excited to try some new alternative knitting patterns. At the moment, some good movies I’ve seen recently are “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”, which is beautifully done and made me very emotional, and “Shaun of the Dead” which was hilarious and well-done. I’ve been listening to a lot of the band “The Postal Service”, too. ANY LAST – COLOURFUL – WORDS? Chibi: I’d just like to thank everyone for their support and hope that everyone checks out “Violet”… let us know what you think of it, and come by our website to say hello! THANK YOU FOR SHARING YOUR TIME AND GOOD LUCK FOR YOUR RELEASE

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