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AT FIRST: CONGRATULATIONS TO YOUR NEW RECORD! IT’S A FINE PIECE OF CONTEMPORARY EXTREME-METAL! I THINK THAT IT IS WAY BETTER THAN “MIASMA”. ARE YOU EXCITED ABOUT HOW THE RECORD TURNED OUT, OR IS THERE SOMETHING YOU STILL DID NOT ACHIEVE IN YOUR SOUND? We are all very satisfied and excited about nocturnal. Brian did a great job writing the songs. We feel its our best record yet. As far as getting the sound we wanted we are also very satisfied. Tracking the record with Eric Rachel at Traxs East was a great experience. He really knows how to make a comfortable enviorment. Hes also great at getting the best possible performances out of us as musicians. Wich in the end is the most important aspect of making a recording. To finish up the record we went to Audio hammer and mixed with Jason Seucof. This was also a great choice for us . He knew exactly what we were going for and his input in the mixing aspect was crucial. As an engineer I could always find things to improve in a recording. But the only flaws I can find are minor and Im probably the only person that hears them. THANKFULLY, THERE STILL IS NO SIGN OF ANY METALCORE TENDENCIES IN YOUR SOUND. DO YOU LIKE ANY OF THESE BANDS WHO COMBINE HEAVY STUFF WITH POP-VOCALS? OR IS IT BY NOW A DEAD FISH IN THE WATER LIKE NU-METAL? Well in general Im not a huge fan of most things called metalcore. Although its not fair to group bands into genres and like or dislike them based on that label. The last record from the band Scarlet “This was always meant to fall apart” is a perfect example. If you just listened to it quickly you might call the vocals pop or some riffs metal core. But the record is very well writen and has elements of pop and electronic music. Its one of my favorite records. My point is its not really fair to judge a band by the label someone puts on them. DO YOU GUYS ARE INTO 3 INCHES OF BLOOD? I FIND THEIR ATTITUDE IS QUITE SIMILAR TO YOURS; ESPECIALLY THE VOCALS OF MR. STRNAD ARE IN THE SAME VEIN IN MY HUMBLE OPINION Yes we are fans of 3 inches. So much in fact that we are going on tour with them In the states! We can’t wait. IS IT ANY GOOD THAT EVERYBODY IS ABLE TO MAKE A DECENT SOUNDING CD AT HOME WITH MODERN TECHNOLOGY? A FEW YEARS AGO YOU HAD TO SPEND A WHOLE LOT OF CASH TO MAKE A SMALL DEMO AND GET OUT PLAYING CONCERTS TO GET ANY ATTENTION, WHILE TODAY YOU GET SIGNED IN A MINUTE VIA MYSPACE. IS THERE NOT TOO MUCH MEDIOCRITY OUT THERE, OR WILL ONLY THE GOOD ONES SURVIVE? Well I think overall technology has helped music far more than it has hurt it. You can record a demo at home and put it on myspace the same day. That dose not necessarily mean that you are going to blow up into a huge band. Myspace is a great thing for underground metal and hardcore bands. It gives kids anywhere in the world access to your band for free. The downside of technology is that when it comes to technicality especially in the drumming it can be faked. In most modern metal records the drums are sliced up by each individual beat and corrected for timing. While this is great for the sound. It doesn’t necessarily mean the Person can play live as tight as the record sounds. DOES DOWNLOADING (AND BY THIS I MEAN ILLEGAL DOWNLOADING) HELP TO GET ATTENTION? OR IS IT THE DEVILS WORK? CAN A BAND TODAY SURVIVE WITH TOURING AND MERCHANDISE? I could argue both sides of this point. Some of the best new bands I have found out about came from illegal downloads. But as someone who makes his living off of music I could use every penny from someone who wants to hear my band. We do put a lot of effort into making records and playing live. WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT YOUR YOUNG LABEL-MATES LIKE FOREVER IN TERROR AND JOB FOR A COWBOY? HOW COME THAT ALL THESE YOUNG GUYS PLAY LIKE THEY WERE LISTENING TO METAL SINCE THE 80IES? I ONLY ACHIEVE SUCH VIRTUOSITY WHEN I PLAY GUITAR HERO AND I AM ABLE TO PLAY A REAL GUITAR… IS THERE ANY CHANCE THAT YOU WILL APPEAR ON A GUITAR HERO GAME IN THE FUTURE? With every generation Progression comes faster because you are able to build of what people have already accomplished. Its great to see young bands doing things on such a high level. ARE YOU STILL INTO OLDER (OBVIOUSLY YOU LIKE CASTLEVANIA) VIDEO-GAMES? ARE THERE ANY CURRENT FAVOURITES? On the road we play Nintendo ds and PSP. At home my current favourite is The PC game Crysis. I want to get the castelevania on the psp. That’s what I am looking forward to currently. WHY DID YOU CALL A SONG (“WHAT A TERRIBLE NIGHT TO HAVE CURSE”) AFTER YOUR FIRST SELF-RELEASED EP? IS IT A NOD TO YOUR BEGINNING OR A SIGN FOR A NEW START? OR IS IT BOTH? I would say both. Trevor really just wanted to see who was paying attention. THE VIDEO TO “WHAT A TERRIBLE NIGHT TO HAVE CURSE” MUST HAVE COST A FORTUNE… 😉 WAS THERE ANY IDEA BEHIND IT (OBVIOUSLY NOT) OR WERE YOU JUST FOOLING AROUND WHILE YOU HAD YOUR TIME-OFF? IT LOOKS LIKE A LOT WAS SHOT IN GERMANY; DO YOU HAVE ANY REMEMBRANCE ABOUT SOMETHING SPECIAL THAT HAPPENED TO YOU GUYS OVER HERE? Well we needed a video fast when our new record came out. We were going to be on tour in Europe so we flew out or friend Robbie to capture the magic. We basically just filmed whenever we had some time off and obviously at some shows. Some in Germany and some in The U K. It was fun But we will be coming out with something special for our next one. LOOKING FORWARD TO YOUR NEXT UPCOMING EUROPEAN TOUR? Yes this tour with The Red Chord and Job For a Cowboy is SICK! We couldn’t ask for a better lineup. Great people and good friends. Its great to be in Europe with them. WHAT KIND OF BANDS DO YOU LISTEN TO WHEN YOU ARE FED UP LISTENING TO METAL? Classical music. Hip hop. Rock . WHY DO YOU HAVE SUCH PROBLEMS WITH YOUR RHYTHM-SECTION? DO YOU TREAT ALL YOUR DRUMMERS LIKE SHIT? 🙂 The drumming in extreme metal is a very demanding. This pressure is not for everyone. And as the bass player I can tell you that is also a demanding roll. But I don’t plan on going anywhere soon and im sure Shannon would say the same if you asked. HOW DID YOU MEET UP WITH SHANNON LUCAS WHO PLAYS THE DRUMS ON NOCTURNAL? We knew him from ALL THAT REMAINS. And he just happened to be living very near us when we needed a drummer. We went to his job at a guitar center to watch him play as kind of a tryout. He played one of our songs on an electronic kit and after trying out many other great drummers we knew we found the guy for the job right then. ARE THERE ANY LAST WORDS? ARE THERE QUESTIONS YOU NEVER EVER WANT TO HEAR AGAIN? INSULT ME! Your questions were fun to answer and not the same boring thing everyone asks . Thanks for your time . Of course I hope everyone checks out our new record Nocturnal. If your not sure if youre going to like it download it! Haha But if you do like it BUY IT! That really does let us keep doing this. Thanks Big ups. THANKS FOR YOUR TIME AND UP THE IRONS! HOPEFULLY I WILL SEE YOU ON THE UPCOMING TOUR IN HAMBURG!

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