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HI THERE AND WELCOME! FIRST OF ALL CONGRATS FOR THE GREAT COMEBACK WITH “DOOMSDAY KING”! (I REVIEWED IT VERY WELL:-)ALL TRACKS ARE TOTAL KILLER! BUY OR DIE! PLEASE INTRODUCE THE BAND TO OUR READERS… Thanks man! I myself love the album, maybe even our best album so far! The band is: Jonas Stålhammar – Vocals Magnus Olsfelt – Bass Marko Tervonen – Guitars Marcus Sunesson – Solo-lickin’ guitars Me (Janne Saarenpää) – Drums & bitching THAT’S THE FIRST POINT:WHY A COMEBACK NOW UNDER THE “THE CROWN-BANNER” AND NOT A RELEASE UNDER THE MONIKER DOBERMANN – THE FOLLOW-UP AFTER THE SPLIT? Dobermann was a project that Andreas “Whiplasher” Bernadotte (Deathstars) and Magnus started. After Andreas jumped off the wagon to focus on Deathstars, and after Magnus “recruiting” the best guitar players, drummer, vocal-handler and producer we could not hear anything else but The Crown blasting out through the speakers! But where can you go in your sound when Magnus writes the songs, and everything except the vocals, that’s INCLUDING the whole production, is done by original Crownsters? HAVE THERE BEEN THOUGHTS ABOUT ASKING TOMPA LINDBERG OR JOHAN LINDSTRAND TO RETURN? We actually asked Johan but he was just about to release/ promote a new Army album and did not want to steal focus from that. Understandable. Tompa? We didn’t ask him, but if Jonas doesn’t behave we might very well give him a call! Haha! HOW DID YOU GET IN TOUCH WITH JONAS (I MEAN HE IS A LITTLE SWEDISH DEATH METAL UNDERGROUND LEGEND SINCE THE BEGINNINGS) AND WHY DIDN’T YOU CONTINUE DIRECTLY AS THE CROWN WITH HIM? Marko found him on Facebook. Marko had played the Utumno 7” since the early nineties and always digged Jonas’ vocal style. His voice matches our sound perfectly. I guess the Dobermann name just tagged along for a while; we didn’t think of it that much, we were instead focusing on getting the album done. WHO IS THE “DOOMSDAY KING” AND WHO WAS THE “ANGEL OF DEATH” IN 1839? PLEASE TELL US SOMETHING ABOUT THE LYRICS ON THE ALBUM… ALL DONE BY JONAS? Jonas did 4-5 tracks, I think… The rest is Magnus’ handwriting. I don’t know much about the lyrics… the Doomsday King is of course me… haha! No, but seriously, have you ever got a straight answer out of a lyrics writer? The song “Angel of Death 1839” was actually written in Swedish back in the 19th century by a distant relative of Magnus, and translated (and shortened!) by Magnus. Really dark stuff. MUSICALLY IT GOES REALLY BACK TO THE ROOTS OF THE CROWN (WHICH I PREFER I MUST SAY),THE CD GETS GREAT REVIEWS EVERYWHERE SO IT IS THE RIGHT WAY, BUT WHY DID YOU CHANGE THE SOUND AGAIN? CAUSE IT’S A LOT DIFFERENT FROM THE LAST 2 CD’S BEFORE THE SPLIT The main reason for the different sound is that we now have the sound engineering and producing “in-house”, that means that Marko does all the vital recording and mixing work. The drums were recorded in my studio (because of the evolving of this “little project”), and I can assure you that when Marko gets his hands on the recordings of the drums for the next album, the sound will be even better! EXPLAIN THE PARTY.SAN-GIG FROM YOUR POINT OF VIEW PLEASE (I WAS THERE IN THE MUD,HAHA) I did one of my better performances, proved to myself that the old geezer still can show the kids of today how it’s done… haha! We had lots of fun on stage! It was a nice and well-organized festival even if there was some mud. I’m saying SOME mud; I was at Roskilde in 1997… WHAT ARE THE TOURING PLANS IN THE NEAR FUTURE? Some gigs, and then some focus on family-related stuff again. Then we might as well start working on a new album! CAN WE EXPECT A LOT MORE OLD STUFF ON THE TOUR THAN AT THE PS-GIG? More songs from the new album, for sure! WHAT ARE YOUR PLANS WITH THE CROWN NOW AFTER THE COMEBACK? OK, WORLD DOMINATION… HAHA, AND WHAT ELSE? As mentioned above, the focus is much more concentrated on creating new music than touring 365 days a year. Maybe do a video or something. We’re in it this time to enjoy ourselves, rather than to pay bills from incomes from tours, which means that we all have full time jobs that we don’t quit just like that, like in the older days… To conclude: more good music, less touring. DO YOU THINK THE SWEDISH DEATH METAL-SCENE IS STRONGER AND BIGGER THAN EVER? AND THE WORLDWIDE-SCENE? I HAVE BEEN INTO IT FROM THE START BACK IN THE 80’S AND NEARLY ALL LATEST CD’S FROM THE OLD FUCKERS ARE AS BRILLIANT AS THE EARLY MILESTONES.WHAT’S YOUR OPINION? To be completely honest, I haven’t listened much to new albums in many years. But I do notice that we nowadays have several Swedish rock/ metal-oriented webradio stations, which obviously means that metal is bigger than ever, but I am not totally convinced that it is better than ever. WHAT ARE THE MAIN INFLUENCES OF THE CROWN AND ARE YOU UP TO DATE ABOUT THE TONS OF NEW RELEASES? WHAT ARE YOU LISTENING TO AT HOME? Right now I’m enjoying the new Volbeat album, seems to be a kick-ass album! I am pretty certain that I can speak for our songwriters (especially new dude Jonas) that our music is more influenced by old stuff than the new stuff that goes on in those webradio stations… OLD SCHOOL OR MODERN SCHOOL… DO YOU PREFER VINYL OR CD, PRINT-MAGAZINE OR ONLINER, TAPE OR MP3? AND WHY? Mp3 all the way; I travel 2-3 hours a day to/ from work by train. I am certain my fellow passengers would consider a vinyl player bulky on a train…haha! And I love working in a digital studio, with lesser constraints. But paper beats computer screens 10 times out of 10. OK,THANX FOR YOUR TIME AND HOPE TO SEE YA ON TOUR SOON! ANY LAST WORDS TO THE FANS? Thanks for listening! I really hope you like the new album as much as I do! I hope to see you all on a festival some day! Peace out!

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