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HELLO GUYS! CONGRATULATIONS FOR 13 YEARS OF DEMONIC AND DEVASTATING MUSIC. ARE YOU AFRAID THE 13TH YEAR COULD BECOME AN UNLUCKY ONE? Well thank you very much! – Time flies when you are making noise! And it´s better to have bad luck than to have no luck at all… WHERE DO YOU GET YOUR INSPIRATION FROM AFTER ALL THESE YEARS? From all these years! It´s been quite a trip… Also I check out old and new bands, go to gigs and hang around with people who are interested in music. YOU HAVE BEEN IN GERMANY FOR A PROMO TOUR RECENTLY. DID YOU HAVE TIME FOR SOME PRIVATE JOY OR WERE THERE ONLY INTERVIEWS ON THE SCHEDULE? I am sure that Janne & Marko found some way to combine business and pleasure. But it wasn´t a vacation, I think that they did over 100 interviews during a couple of days. Pretty packed schedule I guess… CONCERNING YOUR EXPERIENCE WITH MY COUNTRY-MATES: WHAT DO YOU LIKE/ DISLIKE OF GERMAN CULTURE/ BEHAVIOUR. WHAT DO YOU THINK IS TYPICAL „GERMAN“? I think the ability to organize stuff is pretty typical german. I think it is a very positive thing to make shit happen. The metalheads, rockers, punks, ravers, football-fans or the regular geezers all get together cool clubs, gigs, festivals and parties. So the subcultures are really blossoming in germany. But there´s a bad side on that too, because the bad taste is also organized too, and really blossoms there as well . All these fucked up bier-stube metal bands dressed up as medieval knights or whatever, making it big everywhere in germany. – Sorry but I don´t get it. REGARDING YOUR ARTWORK: I MUST ADMIT THAT I LIKE THE STYLE OF YOUR NEW COVER VERY MUCH AS I HAVE BEEN A HORROR FREAK FOR YEARS. WHICH HORROR MOVIES ARE YOUR FAVOURITE ONES? THE COVER REMINDS OF OLD MARIO BAVA AND HAMMER FLICS. HAS THE TITLE SOMETHING TO DO WITH COPPOLAS „DEMENTIA 13“? Thanks, good taste! The horror look is deadly! But it´s more an exposure of attitude and a tribute to „trash-culture“ in general than an homage to a certain movie. I think that Evil Dead II – Dead by Dawn or the classic Halloween movies are my favorite horror movies. But you should rather ask Johan or Marcus, they are more horror movie freaks than me. DID YOU HAVE ANY INFLUENCE ON THE WORK OF THE LOCUST CONSTRUCTIONS TEAM? Yeah totally, they are friends of me and did that Crenom goat on Crowned In Terror. I asked them if they wanted to do a horror cover and gave them the picture from an old horror comic from the 70ies and explained what I had in mind. Then they worked hard on it, sending me stuff all the time for feedback and ideas, so we had a very good co-operation. This is their first album to design, they rock! I think they will go far. Designs from the heart! I DO ALSO LIKE SWEDISH THRILLERS LIKE „BECK“ OR „WALLANDER“. DO YOU WATCH THEM, TOO? AND CONCERNING THE STORIES OF THESE THRILLERS, SWEDEN MUST BE A DANGEROUS COUNTRY OF DARK OBSESSIONS. IS THIS SOMEHOW RIGHT, ESPECIALLY REGARDING THE MURDER OF ANNA LIND? ARE YOU INTERESTED IN THIS POLITICAL STUFF? I am not into these TV-krimis at all actually. I am not very interested in the fucked up lunatics of the swedish society either. This whole obsession with serial killers and tragic psychos is not my bag at all. LET’S COME BACK TO YOUR NEW RELEASE: WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THE STRANGE „BEEP“ COPY PROTECTION OF THE PROMO COPIES OF „POSSESSED 13“? Well I understand that the label wants to protect them from piracy, but the beeps may not be the best solution. Many journalists have complained about them acually. But that´s perhaps because they have to buy the regular album maybe? hehehehe… WHAT HAS JOHAN LINDSTRANDS „RETURN“ ADDED TO THE FEELING AND THE BAND CHEMISTRY? The Return of The Demented Doktor Johan von Lindstrand Of Infernal Desolation and Doom has of course added to the true original line-up feeling. He is the best death metal singer. And it probably have influenced us of going back to our freaky roots. THE CD IS DIVIDED IN THREE PARTS. COULD YOU EXPLAIN THE CONCEPT BEHIND IT? The concept is universal: Birth(Inititation), Life(Exaltation), Death(Annihilation) can be traced down to almost everything I guess, also to this album and to The Crown itself. 13 years – 13 songs. I BELIEVE THAT THE PRODUCTION SOUNDS SLIGHTY LESS RAW THAN YOUR FORMER EFFORTS, WAS THIS PLANNED OR JUST COINCIDENCE? HOW WAS THE WORK IN STUDIO FREDMAN LIKE ANYWAY? DID YOU HAVE A GOOD TIME? We wanted a clear but hard and powerful production, in your face. I think it is the best we´ve ever had. The work was a smooth blast we had a very good time. Much thanks to the producer Patrik Sten who made us laugh and feel relaxed all the time while working. No problems at all. just the way it should be. IS „KILL’EM ALL“ AN ODE TO METALLICA? AND DID YOU LIKE THEIR LATEST EFFORT „ST. ANGER“? That song had a very similair thrash-rock style to the KILL EM ALL album so we had that as a working title, and we just kept it because it is so cool. I haven´t bought the St Anger album but I´ve heard the song and it kind of grows on you. But of course Metallica has meant tremendously much to us, we all grew up on that band. – Big Heroes. „BOW TO NONE“ IMPRESSES WITH SOME CLEAN VOCALS. ANY INTENTION OF DOING MORE OF THIS STUFF ON YOUR FUTURE RELEASES? Thanx, I don´t know what the future holds. We´ll see… WHAT CAN WE EXPECT FROM THE VIDEO CLIP „FACE OF DESTRUCTION – DEEP HIT OF DEATH“? WILL IT ALSO BE IN HORROR MOVIE STYLE? Yeah there is a little horror vibe to it, but it is basically a performance video of us doing what we do. It turned out fuckin´ brilliant! Very energetic and really captures the live power of the band and the song perfectly. It was actually shot in Germany by a director called Michael Schneider who did a great job. – Check it out! WHAT WAS THE IDEA BEHIND THE BONUS CD FOR THE LIMITED EDITION? WILL THERE ALSO BE A SPECIAL BONUS TRACK FOR THE JAPANESE MARKET? It was the labels idea to have a bonus Cd limited edition and we decided that we wanted it to include 13 of our demo songs. It is also a different design and packaging. There will also be a double vinyl album with gatefold sleeve and bonus tracks. And on the Japanese pressing there will be a special version of the track „THE POISON“ that was recorded one year before Hell Is Here album. YOU ARE KNOW AS „LIVE MONSTERS“. DO YOU HAVE SOME SPECIAL IDEAS FOR YOUR UPCOMING TOUR? Yeah we will make a long and great set full of killer hits, but also with some instrumental breathers. FINALLY, DO YOU THINK THE CROWN WILL LIVE LONG ENOUGH TO CREATE 13 STUDIO ALBUMS? Who knows? Time shall tell… ANY FAMOUS LAST WORDS? Take it Easy! THANK YOU VERY MUCH AND BEST WISHES FOR „POSSESSED 13“ Thank you and thanx for the interview, it was great!

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