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YOUR NEW ALBUM “REVOCATION” WILL BE OUT SOON AND IS REALLY IMPRESSIVE. OK, EVERY BAND CLAIMS TO BE SATISFIED WITH A NEW ALBUM, BUT IN MY OPINION YOU CAN BE SATISFIED FOR SURE! Yes, we are of course satisfied with the result. I think we all felt it from day one, from the first note we created, that this album where going to be something extra ordinary. FIRST OF ALL, HOW IS EMIL DOING? LISTENING TO HIS GREAT PERFORMANCE ON “REVOCATION” IT SEEMS THAT HE HAS RECOVERED REALLY WELL… Emil is doing great. He was a bit nervous, prior to the recording, about being able to reach the level he was at before the “accident” (Der Schlagzeuger wurde vor einigen Monaten in eine Schlägerei verwickelt, was in einen Armbruch resultierte, Anm. d. Verf.), but I think that his performance on “REVOCATION” is his best ever. COMPARED TO MARDUK OR DARK FUNERAL YOUR SONGS ARE VERY BRUTAL BUT ALSO DIVERSE WITH DARK ATMOSPHERES AND MELODIC PARTS, WHAT I LIKE VERY MUCH. ESPECIALLY “BLOODGATE” (UUUHH… KEYBOARDS 😉 ) AND “GROTESQUE SAVIOUR” ARE GREAT! HOW IMPORTANT IS IT FOR YOURSELF NOT TO JUST BLAST EVERYTHING DOWN IN 40 MINUTES (LIKE OTHER BM-BANDS DO)? Just like you said, to really make an album interesting for forty minutes, it has to be varied and dynamic and we realised that we don’t have to play blast beats at full speed all the time. We tried to blend in some slow parts in the songs as well, and by doing so, the fast parts feel even faster and more violent. YOU COMPLETED SONGWRITING MORE THAN ONE YEAR AGO. DID YOU CHANGE OR ADD ANYTHING DURING THE RECORDINGS SEVERAL MONTHS LATER? No big changes where made, but minor one were made about two seconds before we recorded the songs. That’s just the way we work. We always make changes right until the songs are immortalized by the tape recorder. WAS IT DIFFICULT TO GET BACK/ KEEP THE FEELING FOR THE SONGS? No, not really. The feeling for the songs never left us. We also had a lot of anger and frustration built up inside us, especially Emil, since we had to postpone the recording and release of our album because of the “accident” that happened to him. HOW IS YOUR WORKING STYLE IN GENERAL WHILE SONGWRITING? We all come to the rehearsal with a bunch of guitar riffs and so begin a long and time-consuming task of putting these together. Since we all create very different kind of riffs it can really be a hard job to make them work together. We put a lot of time in arranging and compiling our songs. When the music is done we try to find the feeling for the song. That feeling tells us what kind of lyric that is suitable for that song. THE SOUND ON THE ALBUM IS REALLY GOOD. HOW IMPORTANT IS IT TO BE ABLE TO WORK IN AN OWN STUDIO? For us it has become very important to do stuff in our own pace. If we want to take two days off in the middle of the recording session, we can do that. You can’t really do that in a regular studio. And by doing so, we can assure that all of us perform 100% when recording. It also gives us a chance to experiment a bit more in the studio, like test different drum and guitar sounds, create samples and put a lot of effort in the vocals department. IN YOUR OWN WORDS: WHERE DO YOU SEE YOUR MAIN DEVELOPMENT FROM “UNSEEN…” TO “REVOCATION”? A lot of the music and lyrics you hear on the “Unseen to Creation” album was written a long time ago, some of the songs, even as long as seven or eight years ago. Since then a lot has happened. We’ve matured and evolved as musicians. One big difference is also that Emil did a lot of the music on the new album which made the album even better. “Revocation” is much more dynamic than the last album. Therefore I think this album will be much more interesting to listen to. WHAT ARE YOUR MAIN TOPICS LYRICALLY THIS TIME? The lyrics deal with the dark sides of the human mind, apocalyptic themes, possession, the evil forces of this world and other dimensions and much more. There are often satanic undertones in our lyrics but we’d rather let the listener create his own vision instead of proclaiming the satanic ideology. YOU HAD A FEW LINE UP CHANGES RECENTLY. LARS DID A GREAT JOB DOING THE VOCALS. WHAT HAPPENED? AND HOW ARE KRIS AND KJETIL DOING IN THE BAND? Yes, Lars did a great job behind the mic, but that was never intended to be a permanent solution. After the recording Lars decided to move out of town to continue with his studies and he wasn’t keen in playing the bass any more. So we parted ways. Kjetil is doing fucking great and has, even thought we only rehearsed a couple of times, learned all our songs by heart. And most important of all, he really feels like a band member. We are all on the same level, if you know what I mean? And the same goes for Kristoffer. AS MENTIONED BEFORE, THE SONGS ON “REVOCATION” ARE MORE THAN ONE YEAR OLD. DID YOU ALREADY WRITE NEW STUFF? WHAT WILL IT SOUND LIKE? Yeah, we already have a couple of songs ready. The stuff we’ve made so far is actually a bit slower and more “death metal” but that will probably change along the way… WILL WE SEE YOU GUYS LIVE ON STAGE (OF COURSE IN GERMANY) 2006? I really hope so! If all goes well, we will be doing a small European tour this spring or summer. We will also be doing some gigs here and there, for instance, a gig in Malmö, Sweden in the beginning of March and on Inferno-festival in Olso, Norway in the middle of April. I HOPE THERE WON’T BE ANY DIFFICULTIES WITH THE PRIORITIES REGARDING FOR EMIL (AUCH BEI MARDUK AKTIV, Anm. d. Verf.) IN THE FUTURE, CAUSE I’M SURE THE LEGION WILL MAKE A BIG STEP FORWARD WITH “REVOCATION”. No I don’t think so. It worked out fine before and I can’t imagine that there will be any problems. Emil always seems to balance his priorities just the right way. IN THE LAST YEARS THE SWEDISH BM-SCENE BECAME REALLY BIGGER AND BETTER. THERE ARE MANY GOOD BANDS (YOU, CRAFT, MARDUK…). WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS/ OPINIONS ABOUT THE SWEDISH SCENE AND THE BM-SCENE IN GENERAL? It finally seems like a lot of those “CRADLE OF FILTH”- type of bands are fading away and rising up are the old school, sick and cold black metal bands. It seems like a new era of bitter black metal is at hand. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME AND THE LAST WORDS ARE YOURS FOR THE STRONG GERMAN BM-FANS: OK, thanks for the interview and hope to see you all on tour! It will be sick and twisted! Check out our album and don’t forget to regularly visit our web page for tour and gig info. You’ll find us at

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