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HEY GUYS, HOW ARE YOU? WHERE ARE YOU? WHO ARE YOU? We are fine, we are in Holland at the moment and we consist of the following persons: Robin Kok (24) – Vox, fretless bass and callous sarcasm Martijn Moes (27) – guitar and violent laughter Sjoerd Visch (17) – drums, triggering and dry humour Carsten Altena (25) – Synths, farts and fart jokes Michiel Dekker (26) – Vox, guitar and political incorrectness FIRST OF ALL, CONGRATULATIONS! „THE WHITE CREMATORIUM“ IS REALLY ONE OF THE BEST DEATH METAL ALBUMS I’VE HEARD FOR MONTHS! DID YOU HAVE SOME KIND OF SPECIAL INSPIRATION WHILE RECORDING IT? Thank you very much! Our mission was to record a very cool extreme metal album with interesting lyrics. THE TITLE OF THE ALBUM AND ALSO SONGS LIKE „1917 SPRING OFFENSIVE“ ARE ABOUT THE WORLD WARS. WHY ARE THESE TOPICS SO INTERESTING FOR YOU? DO YOU BELIEVE WE ARE ON THE VERGE OF WAR AGAIN? (CONCERNING AMERICAN POLITICS, ETC.) Well, I am a student in history and I teach sometimes history on a Highschool. We all are interested in the bloody fields of history so it is easy for us to write lyrics about that. I believe there will be war within a year in the Middle East. Israel will bomb away the nuclear powerplant of Iran. Religious madman with nuclear arms are a big threat to the world so they have my blessings. Bomb Iran back to the middle ages, their religion is already on that level. (Not my personal point of view! Red.) YOU ALSO POSE IN UNIFORMS ON YOUR SITE, DO YOU HAVE A COLLECTION OF WAR RELICTS AND ITEMS? No hehe, The weapons* we bought once in Stuttgart by a little shop called Waffen Weiss and the black coats we lend from the Kampen Police Squad, were my father is a Cop. Just for the fun, we are no radical terror movement or something. *For the members of the Secret Service, the weapons are fake and are no longer here. YOU CHANGED LABEL FROM COLDBLOOD INDUSTRIES (RIP) TO KARMAGEDDON. WAS THIS A LOGICAL STEP FOR A DUTCH BAND? ARE YOU CONTENT WITH THEIR PROMOTIONAL WORK? Well, Cold Blood Industries failed to make us rich and famous. I hope that Karmageddon is able to help us defending the Dutch Deathmetalthrone…. We were satisfied with Cold Blood, but the label stopped with the release of extreme music so we had to look for a new one. Karmageddon offered us the best deal so we singed with them. We are satisfied with Karmageddon Media. IN MY POINT OF VIEW THE NEW ALBUM IS A BIG IMPROVEMENT COMPARED TO „THE APOTHEOSIS“. HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOUR DEVELOPMENT? The songs are much better. It was our plan to record a very fast and brutal deathmetal album which sounds modern and different from the big stream of the nowadays US deathmetalbands. Those bands are very good but in my opninion boring as hell. That is the reason why we use a keyboardplayer on the album. The first album is more “underground” and I am not pleased with all songs. There are 2 “fillers” on it. We are very satisfied with all songs on The White Crematorium. MY FAVOURITE SONG ON THE ALBUM IS THE TITLE-TRACK WHICH IS VERY INTENSIVE. HOW WERE YOUR FEELINGS WHILE CREATING THAT SONG? Well, the idea for a song about the Gulag Archipel was from Robin. I wrote the lyrics and the song at home on my computer. Robin and I are huge fans of Type O Negative and My Dying Bride so this was a perfect opportunity for us to write a song in that vein. The whole album is very extreme and intense, we thought it was a good idea to put a very slow, heavy song at the end of the album. A sort of cooling down. A lot op people said that we only can play fast music, with The White Crematorium we show that we are able to write any music we want. WHAT IS MORE IMPORTANT TO YOU: MUSIC OR LYRICS? COMPARED TO OTHER ACTS YOU SEEM TO HAVE SOMETHING TO „SAY“… For us it is fifty/ fifty. An album is a product so everything had te be perfect. Artwork, Music and lyrics. We don’t have a message for the listener. We are not a political band. We think we play interesting music so we want interesting lyrics for it. There are too many bands who write stupid lyrics about gore, slaughter and intestines filled with shit. We write about gore and slaughter that really happened. There are people who don’t want to be reminded about some historical events. We show mankind a black lurid mirror. Mankind is sick, now we have to deal with it. YOUR SOUND IS VERY BRUTAL, BUT ALSO THERE ARE MANY „MELODIC“ PARTS AND KIND OF „GROOVE“. IS IT IMPORTANT FOR YOU TO HAVE VARIETY IN YOUR SOUND? Yes that is very important. I do not listen to deathmetal very much, most of the bands are very good but boring as hell. Our sound isn’t pure deathmetal anymore because we used a lot of influences from our favourite bands like SLIPKNOT, MORBID ANGEL, MY DYING BRIDE, NILE and STRAPPING YOUNG LAD. THE SOUND OF YOUR ALBUM IS VERY COOL AND BLASTING. MANY OTHER DEATH METAL-BANDS HAVE A REALLY BAD SOUND. WHAT DO YOU THINK IS THE REASON FOR THAT AND HOW DID YOU MAKE IT BETTER THAN THE OTHERS? HOW WAS PRODUCING GOING ON ANYWAY? Well, a lot of bands released shitty albums with a terrible sound because they think it’s cool to do that. Q: Hey man, your album sounds like a cassettetape which is stuck in the tapedeck! A: No man, that’s cool, that’s underground. I rest my case We take our music very serious and we want the best possible sound for our music. How can music be cool if you can’t hear what the musicians are playing on their instruments? I can’t understand why a cool band like IMMOLATION always has a bad sound on its albums. IMMOLATION say this is cool and perfect for the atmosphere on their releases. In my opinion this is bullshit. I am sure that IMMOLATION would sound a 1000 times more brutal with a MACHINE HEAD-„Burn my Eyes“ mix. SOME OF YOU MENTIONED BANDS LIKE GUNS N’ROSES AS A FAVE. WHERE CAN I FIND GN’R IN YOUR MUSIC? 😉 Not in the music, but in our attitude. Axl Rose is Rock `n` Roll to the bone, his „fuck everything, I do what I want“ attitude is a blueprint for THE MONOLITH DEATHCULT. Axl Rose is God. YOU SAID THAT CRADLE OF FILTH SHOWED YOU THE WAY INTO METAL MUSIC. AND YOU STILL MENTION „DUSK…“ AS YOUR FAVOURITE ALBUM. NOT USUAL FOR A DEATH METAL BAND… HOW DO YOU LIKE THEIR NEWEST EFFORT AND WILL YOU ATTEND THE CRADLE TOUR AS A VISITOR? I have already visited the CRADLE OF FILTH tour last week. It was a very cool show. Cradle isn’t a festival band but in clubs and big venues they are a very good band. Personally I am still mourning for the departure of my favourite metaldrummer Nick Barker. WHAT BAND DID IMPRESS YOU MOST IN THE LAST SEVERAL MONTHS? Wow, that is a good one. I think it must be Slipknot on the Unholy Alliance tour last summer in Rotterdam. Slipknot is very brutal and their liveshow is awesome. I SAW YOU LIVE WITH THE CROWN AND YOUR WERE GREAT. I HOPE THAT YOUR A PLANNING SOME TOURS THIS YEAR?? (MAYBE WITH MORBID ANGEL IN MARCH/ APRIL??) The Morbid Angels tour is too big for us. We have some plans in the pipeline but nothing concrete. Keep an eye on our website. WHAT ABOUT YOUR PRIVATE LIFES – WHICH HOBBIES DO YOU HAVE, WHICH BOOKS AND MOVIES DO YOU LIKE AND ARE YOU INTERESTED IN FOOTBALL (THE OLD DUTCH/ GERMAN RIVALRY;-) Drummer Sjoerd is a certificated specialist in economics and he played naastbeside to TMDC in Beyond Belief, Carsten is a webdesigner, Robin is studying Psychology at an university, Martijn is working with computers on a highschool and plays beside TMDC in Toxocara and I am a student in history and I teach sometimes history on a highschool. ANY BLASTING LAST WORDS FOR THE GERMAN AUDIENCE? Don’t mention the war hehehe THANX FOR YOUR TIME AND HOPE TO SEE YOU LIVE, SOON! Yeah, thank you too, good luck with the magazine!

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