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HI GUYS, HOW ARE / WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT HAVE YOU DONE 10 MIN. AGO? 😉 I am Jörgen Sandström, vocalist in The Project Hate MCMXCIX and I am at home, Stockholm doing interviews. Ten minutes ago I was walking my dog and he vomited some yellow slime so I think i better do an exorcism on my new flat soon…. YOUR RECORD IS OUT AND VERY IMPRESSIVE. HOW SATISFIED ARE YOU WITH THE RESULT? Lets put it this way. This is the TPH record we are most satisfied with up to date and we worship the old ones… This is by far the most brutal TPH album…so far! It makes most other bands sound like Catholic Boy Quires! HOW WERE THE RECORDINGS? I THINK IT’S VERY DIFFICULT TO GET ALL THE GUYS TOGETHER… J; Actually, we do not work together in the studio at all. Lord K and Petter recorded and programmed the whole album at Lord K´s place, with some help from Dan Swanö. Then Lord K came over the Stockholm and recorded my vocals in the studio we used for Vicious Art. Michael recorded all his bassguitars back home in Gothenburg or whereever he lives.. And Jonna came down to Örebro to the vocals over a weekend. So it was done. THERE IS THIS “TROOP OF DEVASTATION”. MUST HAVE BEEN A LOT OF FUN TO WORK WITH ALL THESE GUYS! Yes it was really cool of all those guys to come out and do some screaming parts. We had a real good time as we got them all there on the same day so everybody got to hang out for a few others.. Sunday Night Blasphemy!!! MANY PEOPLE THINK THAT LORD K IS THE MAIN-MAN BEHIND T.P.H., BUT THE THREE OF YOU ARE WRITING SONGS. IS IT DIFFICULT TO GET EVERYONE SATISFIED? He is the main songwriter. Him and Petter does all the stuff and they work great together to say the least. My contribution was not meant for TPH from the beginning. It was just something I played around with learning the program called Reason. Lord K like it so much that he wanted to use it and so he did.. YOU NOW HAVE JONNA IN THE BAND. SHE NOT JUST LOOKS BEAUTIFUL, HER VOICE IS REALLY GOOD. HOW DID YOU MEET HER? AND WHAT’S UP WITH MIA? I have no idea what Mia does nowadays.. saving the whales maybe.. I honestly don’t know how Lord K got in touch with Jonna, I think it was through some friend… As strange as it may sound, I dont know Jonna, only met her twice actually… But yeah she does sound really good on the album and she is into birds! HOW IMPORTANT WAS IT THAT MICHAEL JOINED AS A BASSIST? Important or not, he did some amazing work on the album. I did not think he would contribute with as much as he actually did. I though, cool, he is gonna do the basslines coz Lord K dont want to. But fuck me on an Bosnian warship, that guy is one hell of a bassplayer. He did so much cool stuff on the album that gives a whole new dimension to the album.. WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THE WORD “ALLSTAR-BAND”? 😉 Sounds sporty…. THE DRUMS SOUND VERY AUTHENTIC AND NOT LIKE A COMPUTER. WHAT’S YOUR SECRET? AND EVER THOUGHT ABOUT GETTING A HUMAN ONE? A human computer? That would be great:-) Seriously, I have been trying Lord K to get a drummer but he really dont want to he says, so why should we. Either people like it or they dont, we dont care… At the same time I agree to what you say it sounds very authentic. It does not differs alot from many of the drummers that use triggers for example. If you ask me, the programming on this album sounds better soundwise than the drum sound on Dimmu Borgirs “Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia” to mention just one… I really like that Dimmu Borgir album though, dont get me wrong there! YOU USED SAMPLES FROM “EXORCIST”. ARE YOU FANS OF THOSE FILMS AND MOVIES IN GENERAL? “The Exorcist” is a classic film that I love very much. It was not my idea to bring it on the album though.. Lord K have always used movie samples, already on his first demo “Innocence is bliss” with his former band LEUKEMIA. Dont know why he likes it that much, but I think it creates good and interesting moodparts… ARE YOU INTERESTED IN ELECTRONIC MUSIC? Not really interested in the way that I follow the genre. But I can enjoy some stuff that I hear.. WHAT CAN WE EXPECT UND THE LIVE-FRONT? A CHANCE TO SEE YOU GUYS ON TOUR, SOON? No. We stopped playing live. Case closed:-) LORD K ALSO PLAYS IN GOD AMONG INSECTS AND THE OTHER MEMBERS HAVE OTHER BANDS, TOO. HOW IS THE PRIORITY FOR T.P.H.? There is no priority questions in between the bands. All the bands are 100% dedication. It has never happened that one band cant do anything because of the other band as far as I know.. Before, when I was in Entombed it was a different story. I had to say no to alot of gig offers for TPH coz we were constantly on tour with Entombed. But nowadays, no.. no problems. YOU DEDICATED “EVERY TONE AND EVERY WORD” TO MIEZKO (R.I.P.!). HOW CLOSE WAS YOUR FRIENDSHIP? Lord K and Petter lived in the same town as Mieszko and where very close friends. I and Mieszko know each other from music, we played shows together and I was a big fan of NASUM and GENOCIDE SUPERSTARS and tried to get them to support ENTOMBED alot of times. I also got the honours to do some growls on their “Helvete” album. We all miss him alot. He was a good person and a musical genious! I’VE HEARD THAT YOU’RE ALREADY WORKING ON NEW SONGS? WHAT CAN WE EXPECT? Anything that you expect from TPH, but better… THANX FOR YOUR TIME AND THE LAST WORDS ARE YOURS FOR THE GERMAN METAL-HEADS! Spread the music and the word of TPH. We aim for World Domination!!

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