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FIRST, I WOULD LIKE TO SAY THAT I’VE ALREADY HEARD THE PROMOTIONAL COPY OF YOUR NEW ALBUM “STORM” AND IT SOUNDS GREAT. I LIKE THE PIANOPARTS, THE DARK ATMOSPHERE AND OF COURSE NELLS VOICE! PLEASE ANSWER SOME QUESTIONS FOR THE READERS OF OUR ONLINE MAGAZIN. NELL HAS BEEN THE NEW SINGER OF THEATRE OF TRAGEDY SINCE 2004. HOW ARE YOU GETTING ALONG? IS SHE “ONLY” THE SINGER OR ALSO INVOLVED IN PROCESSES LIKE SONGWRITING? She is very involved in all aspects of the band. She has contributed with all her own vocals, some lyrics and a tremendous spirit to the album. All the guys feel very lucky to have her as a bandmember. HOW DID YOU GET IN TOUCH WITH YOUR NEW LABEL AFM AND HOW CONTENT ARE YOU UP TO DATE WITH THEIR PROMOTIONAL WORK? We made contact with them through our business consultant. They offered the best package in matters of promotion and releases, so we chose to work with them. Everything has been really good so far. Their promotional work seems very good at the moment, but we have to wait and see after the record has been out for some months to see how the whole process went. But I am doing intervies east and west so I guess they have contacted every magazine in the world.. THROUGH FREQUENT CHANGES IN MUSIC STYLES YOU HAVE REINVENTED YOURSELF SEVERAL TIMES AND BOTH WON NEW FANS AND LOST OLD ONES. YOUR UPCOMING ALBUM “STORM” WILL BE RELEASED ON THE 24TH OF MARCH. WHY HAVE YOU CHOSEN THE TITLE “STORM”? IS IT A KIND OF METAPHOR FOR YOUR REINFORCING? COULD IT BE COMPARED TO ANY OF THE OLDER TOT-ALBUMS? WHAT IS NEW ABOUT THIS ONE AND WHICH ARE YOUR FAVOURITE SONGS? Now it is 4 years since we released an album and very much has happened since. A lot of people have written us off and I guess this is ToT coming back and taking everybody by Storm.. 🙂 Many people have commented this to be the “lost” album between Aegis and Musique, but for our part it was time to perfect and maybe do what we do best. We feel very comfortable in this type of style we play now. We didn`t feel much need to experiment too much this time. We put all of our effort into the songs.. UNLIKE THE MORE FUTURISTIC SONGS FROM THE LAST TWO ALBUMS, THE NEW ONES SOUND MORE LIKE HANDMADE ROCK. WHY DOES THE GUITAR PLAY THE MAIN ROLE AGAIN? HAVE THE POSSIBILITIES FOR ELECTRONIC DISTORTION AND SAMPLING BEEN EXHAUSTED? Not exhausted, it is still there. But the emphasis has been concentrated around standard ToT elements: Drums, Guitar, Piano and 2 vocals. And the songs were mostly built around this… YOU WILL SHOOT/ HAVE SHOT THE VIDEO FOR „STORM“ IN NUREMBERG/ GERMANY. WHY NUREMBERG? HOW IMPORTANT IS GERMANY FOR TOT ANYWAY? We just got back from the videoshoot. It was great, though f**king cold. We got a deal with AVA-Studio which is very experienced in producing musicvideos and they recommended a place in Nürnberg and showed us the treatment. We liked it very much and so we chose them. Initially we wanted to film in Norway but it was about to cost us around 2 arms and 1 foot so we gave that up very quickly. Germany is very important for ToT. We broke through here and since then this has been very important for us to play and release albums. Germany is our second homeland so to say. I HAVE SEEN YOU IN BERLIN TOGETHER WITH TIAMAT, SIRENIA AND PAIN. WHAT DO YOU REMEMBER BEST OF THIS DREAM TOUR? ANY NICE ANEKDOTES, REGARDING “STRANGE” PERSONALITIES AS PETER TÄGTGREN? 🙂 Well what happens on tour stays on tour. So I cannot reveal too much funny things. Peter was very cool. PAIN were doing a small scandinavian tour for themselves after the tour, they were going to play in Stavanger and the promoter had problems finding a local support band, so we said heck let’s surprise him, and we did him. When he had finished soundchecking he saw ToT bringing their instruments to the stage to rig up for the supportjob. He was quite taken back. It was cool. I don`t remember too much after that, I went into a drinking contest containing items as tequila and oranges. I nearly suffered a “rockstar” death the next morning. But hell how fun it was. AFTER THE SUPPORT-TOUR FOR TIAMAT, YOU WILL TOUR AS HEADLINER FROM APRIL TILL MAY ACROSS EUROPE. HOW DO YOU PREPARE FOR IT AND WHICH SONGS OF WHICH PERIODS CAN YOUR FANS EXPECT? We will play songs from all periods. We are practising in many songs from the new album, but we will play some songs from each and every release of ToT. So it is open for every fan.. 🙂 GOTHMINISTER WILL SUPPORT YOU ON TOUR. WHO CAME UP WITH THE IDEA AND DID YOU KNOW EACH OTHER BEFORE AS HE HAS BEEN INVOLVED IN METAL SOME YEARS AGO? DO YOU ALSO LOOK FORWARD PARTING STAGE WITH GERMAN „LEGENDS“ CATASTROPHE BALLET? The idea of GOTHMINISTER on tour with ToT, was agreed upon in Nell’s birthday party. We are very keen on this tour. GOTHMINISTER is a cool live band, very animated and heavy as hell. CATASTROPHE BALLET will also be great to have on stage, if only for 4 shows.. too bad for them, they gonna miss out big on the red partybus.. 🙂 WHAT ARE YOUR PLANS AFTER THE TOUR? ARE THERE ANY FESTIVAL DATES? I SAW YOU ON THE FLYER FOR THE GERMAN NEBELMOOR-FESTIVAL… Yes we will play there and a bunch of other festivals around. They will be confirmed continuosly over the spring/ summer. And then some minitouring in South America, France and maybe Russia. A PERSONAL ONE: DO YOU LIVE CLOSE TO EACH OTHER? DO YOU ALSO HAVE „NORMAL“ JOBS OR ARE YOU ABLE TO LIVE OFF MAKING MUSIC ONLY? WHAT ARE YOU INTERESTED IN BESIDES MUSIC? 4 of us live in Stavanger quite close. 2 live in Oslo. Everybody works or studies besides the band. We cannot make a living of it yet so we need to do other stuff as well. 4 of the members are also married and 3 of them have children so you need a steady income to get by, especially in Norway. Our interests is mostly in general electronic gadgets, music, movies, books, good food, good drinks and haning around having fun. ONLY IF YOU FEEL COMFORTABLE TO ANSWER THIS: HOW IS THE RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUR FORMER SINGER LIV KRISTINE NOW? WE DID AN INTERVIEW WITH HER AND SHE TOLD US SHE CAME UP TO A GIG OF YOURS BUT YOUR REACTIONS HAVE NOT BEEN TOO OPEN-HEARTED? ON THE OTHER HAND I SAW A „FRIENDLY“ FOTO WITH NELL AND HER… Before we fired Liv Kristine we didn`t have much conversation with her, just the odd email and sms now and then. First time we talked to her was at that show you mention in Germany. We were a bit surprised to see her, but she came backstage afterwards and talked normally to everyone, it was maybe a bit strange at first but as we talked things seemed to be ok for our part and hers as well. She has talked a lot to Nell and they have a very good tone inbetween themselves. It was anyway a very brave thing for Liv Kristine to do. I will give her that. But I think all in all she is not that taken back by being left out of ToT, she has many things to do and it seems she is successful as well, it look`s like she is better off without us coldhearted Norwegians. AND REGARDING NIGHTWISH: THEY ARE NOW IN A SIMILAR SITUATION YOU HAVE BEEN. DO YOU THINK THEY WILL KEEP THEIR STRONG STATUS? IS IT POSSIBLE TO REPLACE EVERY ONE MUSICALLY OR HAVE THEY BEEN TO DEPENDENT ON TARJA? My eyes almost popped out when I read the news about NIGHTWISH. They will definitely keep their status, I know Tarja has been used as a visual object and she is a good singer, but she is not the artistic and driving force behind the band. She lived in another country, didn`t speak to the guys in the band, didn`t make any music or lyrics. NIGHTWISH will not be taken back a bit from this. I am sure they will come back stronger. Tarja on the other hand I guess we will see her doing a lot of old metalcover songs in an operatic kind of way. Like gregorian chant or something like that. Good Luck! AT LAST: WOULD YOU SAY SOME WORDS TO YOUR GERMAN FANS? Are you still out there. We are back and coming your way with stormy weather. It is great to be back, hopefully we will see manyof you at the shows and we are looking forward to that!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR TAKING THE TIME FOR THIS INTERVIEW, ALL THE BEST FOR THE TOUR AND OF COURSE SUCCESS FOR „STORM“! Thank you for having this interview!! Cheers!!

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