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HI GUYS, WHO ARE YOU, WHERE ARE YOU AND WHAT HAVE YOU DONE 10 MIN. AGO? 😉 I am Leo, guitarist of This Ending. I am at home. I smoked. I RECENTLY RECEIVED YOUR ALBUM “INSIDE THE MACHINE” AND IT BLEW ME AWAY! YOU MUST BE VERY SATISFIED WITH THE RESULT! We did what we do, make the music we like and believe in. So yeah we are satisfied, but we really had no idea how other people would react to it. Apparently we’re doing something right because we’ve got nothing but positive reactions. ALTHOUGH YOU FORMED THIS BAND JUST A YEAR AGO, THE HISTORY OF THIS ENDING STARTS NEARLY 15 YEARS AGO. PLEASE INTODRUCE YOURSELF TO YOUR NEW GERMAN FANS AND TELL US MORE HOW YOU BECAME “THIS ENDING”. I’m not about to tell you the whole story in detail, if you want to know about the history of the band you should check out our bio online. The short version is that we used to be a band called A CANOROUS QUINTET and released three albums under No Fashion records. Then in 1998 the band kind of just stopped rehearsing and split up. All of us persued different projects like GUIDANCE OF SIN, NIDEN DIV. 187, SINS OF OMISSION etc.. Fred also joined AMON AMARTH at this time. Then in 2005 when everyone had been doing all kinds of shit all over the place we all felt that something was missing and re-formed the band under a new name: THIS ENDING. We wrote material so fast there was hardly time to rehearse it, and that’s a good sign. THIS ENDING carries on a lot of the legacy of A CANOROUS QUINTET but is very different in some ways, that’s why we chose a new name. YOUR SOUND IS KIND OF CLASSIC SWEDISH DEATH METAL, BRILLIANT MELODIES, CRUSHING BLASTS AND VOCALS FROM HELL. BUT THE COLD ATMOSPHERE AND THE SONGTITLES SEEM TO BE KIND OF FUTURISTIC/ MODERN. WHAT ARE YOUR LYRCIAL TOPICS AND IS THERE ANY CONCEPT BEHIND “INSIDE THE MACHINE”? I wouldn’t call us futuristic, most of our lyrics are pretty timeless. The lyrics vary a lot, but I guess you could say that most of our lyrics have to do with the darker side of human nature. The concept behind “Inside The Machine” is mankind’s constant and instinctive need to dominate and destroy. OF COURSE, THE LISTENERS SHOULD INTERPRETATE YOUR SONGS FOR THEMSELVES, BUT IN YOUR OWN WORDS: WHERE DOES THE “SEED OF DESTRUCTION” BREED? In your pants. HOW WILL WE RECOGNIZE THE “PLAGUE ANGEL? The smell. WHAT DOES IT LOOK LIKE “INSIDE THE MACHINE”? See the cover. AND WHO/ WHAT IS “THE NEW MACHINE AWAKING”? It self. WHEN WILL “ARMAGEDDON” ARISE? It’s already in the works, just sit back and grab some popcorn. I JUST MENTIONED MY PERSONAL FAVES. IS THERE A KIND OF LEADING TRACK ON THE ALBUM? MY FAVE IS THE TITLE-TRACK, WITH THIS AWESOME DARK ATMOSPHERE AND THIS KILLING CHORUS… Well the title track is the title track so that will probably the one that gets the most exposure, and it’s also one of the catchier songs on the album. But we don’t really have favourites, all of the songs have their own values. TALKING ABOUT SONGWRITING AND RECORDING. HOW ARE YOU WORKING, BECAUSE ESPECIALLY FREDRIK IS FOR SURE VERY BUSY WITH AMON AMARTH We are all part of the creation process, even though one person may write the music and another the lyrics. In the end we’re all in there changing and improving things together. Although the one that does most of the “producing” is Linus, he has a real talent for putting stuff together to create good songs. Fred is pretty busy with Amon at times, but during the writing, rehearsing, recording and producing the album he was there 100% just like all of us. BESIDES YOUR DEATH METAL-SOUND, I RECOGNIZED SOME RIFFS AND ATMOSPHERES THAT COULD HAVE BLACK METAL-ROOTS (“ARMAGEDDON”). ANY CONNECTION TO THAT SOUND AND SCENE? Well I wrote half of the music for that song and I let some of my black metal background (Niden) shine through. Although I am mostly a death metal musician, it’s good to vary, keep things interesting. I wrote the lyrics and the music at the same time, so I feel that they fit pretty well together. THE WHOLE BAND DID GREAT WORK ON “INSIDE THE MACHINE”, BUT ESPECIALLY FREDRIK’S PLAYING SOUNDS MORE DIVERSE AND FREE COMPARED TO AMON AMARTH. Well first of all you have to understand that AMON AMARTH and THIS ENDING are two very different bands. In the way the music is created and structured. My personal opinion is that Fred is given more room to experiment and do more wild shit in THIS ENDING than in AMON because of our band chemistry and the fact that THIS ENDING music is more varied and dynamic. IN YOUR SONGS YOU USE SOME ELECTRONIC SOUNDS & EFFECTS. ANY INTERESTS IN THIS KIND OF MUSIC? Not really, although I listen to some EBM and psytrance besides metal. The reason those samples are there is to give the songs more depth and meaning and suck you into our machinery. YOUR SONGS ARE MADE FOR A VISUAL IMPLENTATION. ANY PLANS OR VISIONS (IF THERE WOULD BE NO RESTRICTIONS)?? All kinds of ideas, too many in fact. It doesn’t matter though, we’re a band that lives in the here and now. But sure it would be good fun to try to re-envision the songs in some kind of horrible way. BEFORE EVEN HEARING YOUR ALBUM SOME METAL FANS MAY SAY “DO WE NEED ANOTHER SWEDISH MELODIC DEATH METAL BAND”, CAUSE NOWADAYS THERE SEEM TO BE AS MUCH BANDS AS THERE ARE PEOPLE LIVING IN SWEDEN. WHAT IS YOUR ANSWER, HOW WOULD YOU MAKE THEM GIVE YOUR ALBUM A TRY? I don’t really give a shit, if they think there are too many bands from Sweden and won’t even listen to the album just because of that. There’s a lot that differs us from many bands out there no matter origin, that should be enough to catch the interest of anyone into metal. Quality is always a matter of opinion, if you think you can judge a band because of the country they come from I think your out on thin ice, creativity knows no borders or nationality. OF COURSE, AFTER SUCH A STRONG ALBUM YOU GUYS MUST BE HUNGRY TO PLAY LIVE. ANY PLANS OR DETAILS? FIRST OF ALL, IS IT POSSIBLE AT ALL DUE TO AMON AMARTH’ MASSIVE TOURING PLANS FOR 2007? 2007 will see us on stage, no doubt. We’ll try and get as much stage time as we can get and as much as we can manage. Amon’s touring will of course be a problem, but I guess we can always find solutions to these problems when that time comes. There is also some talk that maybe we could play support for Amon, but it’s too early to say. Fred says he can do two gigs in one night, no problem, and I think that would rule because they’re all really nice guys, laid back and always ready to slap you in the face or something. FINALLY, I WISH YOU ALL THE BEST WITH THIS STRONG RECORD. AND OF COURSE, THE LAST WORDS ARE YOURS! Buy it, you need it! Tell everyone you know and make them listen to it! See you on the road as soon as possible!

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