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HELLO AND THANK YOU FOR SHARING TIME DOING THIS INTERVIEW. PLEASE INTRODUCE YOURSELF TO OUR READERS 304: Vocals, Synths, Programming => Carnage 316: Vocals, Samples, Synths => Chaos 654SMO: Drums, Percussion, Noise => Destruction HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOUR MUSIC IN YOUR OWN WORDS? 304: Hard aggressive spicy EBM, hammer of DEATH, created to cause MASS Chaos on the dance-floor. 316: Energiegeladene Tanzdroge der anderen Dimension. YOU ARE A GERMAN-BRITISH COMBATANT. HOW DID YOU GET TOGETHER? 304: Both myself and 654smo used to run an ebm/ electro club called „contamination club“ in Birmingham/ England for many years – as well as that club I used to also DJ regularly at „slimelight“ in London. I was DJ-ing there and met 316. She was dancing and going mad on the dance floor to all the underground ebm I was playing. So later in the night we started talking/ decided to start a band to create only ebm – we are a couple since and v2a was created about 3 months later. KEVIN AND INES, YOU FOUNDED V2A IN 2001. THEN IN 2005 THE LIVE-DRUMMER MATT HAWKES JOINED. WHAT WAS THE IDEA BEHIND TO GET THE BAND GROWN FROM DUO TO TRIO? 304: 654smo was involved with v2a from the start – initially v2a was a duo in the recording studio and we then pull in additional members for live performances. 654smo made every single gig, We also get on like a house on fire. So in mid 2005 we asked if he would like to become a full member. He agreed and then we were 3, 654smo is also highly entertaining in the recording studio where he is capable of breaking almost any thing by accident. Live he is a monster… always set to destruct mode. We did clone him off to 254smo who we use as a back up. He is normally turned off and kept as a back up. Normally bolted to the bottom of the battle truck, he does escape for time to time which does cause problems for interpol. WHAT HAS CHANGED MUSICALLY DURING THE TIME OF EXISTENCE? 304: I assume you mean since we started. There seems to be a lot more clone style bands around at the moment, all using the same equipment and all trying to sound like VNV/ Suicide Commando. I love the original bands and don’t see the point of trying to be a tribute band. I love 80’s ebm. There was so many diverse bands then all doing there own thing visually and musically. Thats why v2a always go off in our own direction. I don’t think we sound like any one else than ourselves. 316: Ich würde sagen, geändert hat sich nichts. Wir verfolgen immer noch die gleichen Ziele, wir haben uns weiterentwickelt. WHERE IS YOUR HOME BASE? IN GERMANY OR GREAT BRITAIN? 316: Wir wohnen alle in Großbritannien, daher halten wir uns mehr in Großbritannien auf. Aber wir reisen viel nach Deutschland. MOST CERTAINLY YOU DESTABILIZED BOTH NATIONS REGARDING CONCERTS.WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN BRITISH AND GERMAN CROWDS? 304: The UK scene goes mad on the dance floor but don’t really pay attention to the lyrics – a lot of the UK scene also don’t really follow the bands… They may like a specific song but don’t follow a band. We do have a hardcore following in the UK but most are from Wales or live in London and come from other countries.. The German fans are more into the bands – they listen to the lyrics and know all the different bands .. The German crowd now also glow in the dark and run riot on the dance floor… We do seem to play a lot in Holland which also have a very good scene. 316: Es war die London-UK-Szene, welche mich dazu brachte, damals nach England zu ziehen. Die Cyber-Goth/ Industrial Szene war bereits vor vielen Jahren sehr groß in England und in Deutschland nicht existierend. Dieses hat sich jedoch in den letzten Jahren sehr verändert, da diese Szene eine bedeutende Größe in ganz Europa ist. Beide Szenen, ob deutsch oder englisch sind super Zuschauer und es macht großen Spaß vor beiden zu performen. IN WHICH OF THE TWO NATIONS DO YOU HAVE MORE FANS? 304: Good question – currently I would say the UK as we have played live a lot in London / Cardiff / Birmingham etc . We currently have only played twice in Germany – Wave Gothic Treffen and Zeche Carl, now that we are on biohazzard records, we hope to play more and more in Germany. We have a lot of German fans at the moment but not many have seen us live yet… Just wait for the ground assault… 316: Auch wenn wir nur wenige Konzerte in Deutschland gespielt haben, so ist die Fangemeinde dennoch groß, was man auf unserer Myspaceseite erkennen kann. Wir freuen uns auf die bevorstehenden Konzerte in Deutschland, besonders auf die bevorstehende Show auf dem Elekktroshokk Festival in Adelsheim, wo wir samstags auf der Bühne zu sehen sein werden. YOUR MUSIC IS INFLUENCED BY DIFFERENT STYLES. FOR EXAMPLE, EBM, CYBER GOTH, INDUSTRIAL AND ALSO SYNTHPOP. HOW DID IT COME TO THIS MULTIPLE MIXTURE? 304: In our warped minds it’s our version of EBM. v2a was created to only make killer dance floor ebm… to other people it may sound like a mix of lots of electro music, but that “problem” has more to do with our current sanity level than any thing else. Our version of EBM is without bounds and does not have to sound like a specific band etc. 316: Als wir uns dazu entschlossen, V2A ins Leben zurufen, war die Grundlage Musik zu kreieren, die wir persönlich mögen und welche wir selbst in den Tanzhöhlen des Undergrounds abtanzen würden. Wir verfolgen kein Konzept, sondern kreieren Musik, wie wir sie für richtig halten. Da wir beide große Electro/ EBM Liebhaber sind, ist diese Richtung die Grundlage unserer Songs und die Grundlage dafür, mit der alles beginnt. THE SOUND OF „MECHANIZED INFANTRTY“ IS CLEARLY LAYED OUT FOR THE DANCE FLOORS AS YOU ALREADY SAID. WHAT DO YOU THINK WHERE ELSE COULD YOU ENJOY YOUR MUSIC? 304: On the dance floor or in the middle of a battle field with carnage /blood / robots / cables all around. It’s the kind of music you would play on your mp3 player just as you were being zone dropped on to a distant planet to invade / overrun and destroy. 316: MMA-Training / Alien-Space-Ship/ Krieg der Sterne… Überall, wo Powerantrieb und harte Beats benötigt werden – den Rest lass ich der Fantasie des Hörer’s entscheiden. Ich könnte mir viele Dinge vorstellen, wozu unsere Musik passen würde 😉 WHAT IS THE MEANING BEHIND THE ALBUM TITLE „MECHANISED INFANTRY“? COULD IT BE DESCRIBED AS AN APPEAL OR A MESSAGE? 304: We are the mechanized infantry – part man/ part machine , human bio upgrades. All stand and fight together. Us against the world… look how crap humanity is … who wants to be a part of that? LETS GO OVER TO YOUR BAND NAME. AS FAR I CAN REMEMBER MY CHEMICAL CLASS V2A IS A ACID AND CORROSION-RESISTANT STEEL. WHICH CONNECTION IS THERE ACTUALLY BETWEEN THIS SUBSTANCE AND YOU AS A BAND? 304: Correct! v2a is stainless steal – which sums the band and music well… cold/ hard/ futuristic/ corrosion resistant/ clinical/ alien…. WITH YOUR DEBUT ALBUM „EBM“ YOU ALREADY MANAGED TO GET ON A “MAJOR” LABEL (TRISOL). ANY THOUGHTS ABOUT THIS? 304: We started out creating songs purely to play live. While playing live we got noticed by Trisol and signed. We then finished off the album and released it worldwide. We continued over the following years to blast out the music live. 316: Nicht viel hat dazu beigetragen. Einige Gespräche mit dem Labelmanagement und wir hatten mit Trisol einen Partner gefunden, um unser erstes Werk „EBM“ auf den internationalen Markt zu bringen. „EBM“ war nach kurzer Zeit bereits vergriffen. WITH YOUR NEW ACTUAL ALBUM „MECHANZIED INFANTRT“ YOU ARE NOW WITH BIOHAZZARD RECORDS. WHY THE CHANGE? 304: Trisol are a major label but we were always looking for a label that would support us more. By changing to biohazzard we now have management/ a booking agent/ etc… BioHazzard are a great label and give us all we need. We are here to stay. The other label bands are great to work with. 316: In Biohazzard haben wir ein neues „zu Hause“ für V2A gefunden, bei welchem unsere Musikrichtung geschätzt und gefördert wird. Es ist nicht nur ein Label, sondern beinhaltet auch Bandmanagement und Booking, was wir zuvor bei Trisol nicht hatten. BIOHAZZARD ist ein gutes Label und wir sind glücklich dort zu sein. INBETWEEN YOUR DEBUT ALBUM AND THE ACTUAL LONGPLAYER HAVE SEVEN YEARS PASSED BY. DID YOU PUT A BREAK IN OR WHAT HAVE YOU DONE IN THIS TIME? 304: As well as planning global domination in our underground bunker we have been causing chaos live across europe. For us playing live is the main reason why v2a exists. We always used to find recording boring compared to the carnage of playing live. We have rebuilt our own studio called „death-machine studios“ and by aggressive use of shock therapy we were able to download our battle plans to an audio disk and release the second album.. 316: Wir sind viel zwischen den Dimensionen gereist und haben Freundschaften mit anderen Welten schließen können. V2A sind zurück – Stärker als je zuvor! THE PRESS TEXT INDICATES THAT V2A WILL CROSS ALL BORDERS. WHICH BOARDERS ARE REFERRED TO? YOUR PERSONAL ONES OR PUBLIC? 316: Grenzen? Was sind Grenzen? 🙂 Hmmm, interdimensionale natürlich 😉 THERE HAVE ALSO BEEN SOME LIVE CONCERTS ALREADY AND YOU SHARED THE STAGES WITH SCENE ICONS SUCH AS FUNKER VOGT, VNV NATION, COVENANT OR EVEN SUICIDE COMMANDO. HOW DID THAT COME ABOUT? DO YOU KNOW EACH OTHER PERSONALLY? 304: We have played a lot of festivals across europe so get to play with a lot of bands. I personally know Ronan from VNV as he used to be a fan of my old band. For the other bands we have met them and briefly talked but as we are english and seem to appear at a gig – run riot and then disapear after are quite hard to track down and not many bands know us well. A lot of bands hover around back stages talking to the other bands. We are normally out the front dancing to other music and trying evil mind control on the general public . 316: Wir haben in den vergangen Jahren auf vielen Festivals gespielt und dadurch mit großen Szenebands die Bühnen geteilt. Es hatte sich daher alles automatisch ergeben. Natürlich hat man im Backstage Gespräche geführt und sich kennen gelernt. HOW WAS IT OR HOW IS IT FOR YOU TO PERFORM WITH THESE BANDS? 304: Yes we have played live so much that before our gigs we are sorting out all our stuff/ getting ready to explode on stage … once our gig is finished then we do go off and watch the other bands. Most of the big bands are really nice people and are easy to talk with and get on with. The problem ones are the smaller bands who think they are „god’s gift“ – we have no time for people like that. 316: Ich habe viele Bands vor V2A gekannt, durch meine Tätigkeit bei einem Musikmagazin. Man denkt nicht wirklich darüber nach, mit wem man die Bühne teilt, da man sich auf den eigenen Auftritt vorbereiten muss. Wir haben nette Musikkollegen über die Jahre kennen gelernt und es ist immer wieder eine nette Erfahrung auf internationalen Bühnen dabei zu sein. CAN YOU REMEMBER YOUR FIRST GIG? IF YES, WHAT ANECDOTE CAN YOU TELL US? 304: Yes, it was Zeche Carl in Germany. All members of v2a had been in other bands so every one knew what to expect. In my old band we had played at M’era Luna etc… When we got on stage, we blasted the crowd with the smoke machine which got stuck on. So over the gig the room filled up so much with smoke no one could see any thing… At one gig I used a paintball smoke granade which seemed like a good idea before hand (in Slimelight in London). As soon as I started it, the crowd thought it was a terrorist attack with tear gas and caused all the smoke alarms to go off and mass panic (the management have never forgot that night). Yet another good gig… 🙂 316: Ja, und ich werde mich auch immer wieder daran zurück erinnern 🙂 Wie war das noch einmal mit Bands und deren „erstes Mal“ 😉 Warum muss immer was „komisches“ passieren? Wir haben zum ersten und auch zum letzten Mal die Kontrolle der Smokemaschine unserem Drummer 654SMO überlassen…. Es war so viel Rauch, dass wir das Publikum am Ende des Sets nicht sehen konnten und gleichermaßen das Publikum nicht mitbekam, dass wir die Bühne verlassen hatten. Wir warteten im Backstage auf den Applaus. Als wir nach vorne blickten, als der Nebel sich lichtete, um zu sehen warum wir nichts hörten, sahen wir das Publikum mit offenen Mund und Fragezeichen in Richtung Bühne blickend und versuchten zu verstehen wo wir hinverschwunden waren. Der Applaus kam – halt mit einem Delay 😉 UNFORTUNATELY I NEVER HAD THE PLEASURE TO SEE YOU LIVE. PLEASE DESCRIBE TO US HOW WE CAN EMAGINE A LIVE-CONCERT OF YOURS. 304: It’s like a full blown ground assault … smoke/ strobe/ lasers/ chaos/ pounding beats / full on music … It’s a case of dance or die … AND AS WE ARE JUST TALKING ABOUT CONCERTS, WILL THERE BE SOME IN 2009? 304: Yes – so far we have 5 booked and working out a full tour of Germany / more European gigs and some live shows in the USA. v2a is created to play live and infect the crowd. We use mind control… subliminal messages and hidden codes – we are the mechanised infantry prepare for the ground assault. 316: Das wollen wir doch hoffen. Unser erstes deutsches Konzert wird am 18.04. auf dem Elekktroshokk sein, auf welches wir uns schon sehr freuen. Im Background wird bereits an Terminen für die Tour in Deutschland und USA gearbeitet. Diese werden sicherlich in Kürze bekannt gegeben. Wir werden auch versuchen, auf Festivals vertreten zu sein. So please stay tuned and wait – get ready for the ground assault. HOW IN GENERAL WILL THE FUTURE OF V2A BE LIKE? DO WE AGAIN HAVE TO WAIT SEVEN YEARS FOR A LONGPLAYER? 304: The time lapse between the releases was a one off problem caused by inter dimension issues and a lack of being caged in a studio. Now that central control have managed to install new holding bars and chains we cant keep escaping and will release the 3rd album next year (2010). Just as a side note on all our releases are hidden codes in the visuals and music. If de-coded they will lead the person to new unheard tracks / gifts etc… so far no one has decoded the album… We await the first person with a special gift . 316: Wir haben bereits mit den Arbeiten an Nr. 3 begonnen, womit im Laufe von 2010 gerechnet werden kann. V2A sind zurück! THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR THE INTERVIEW. WE WISH YOU MUCH SUCCESS WITH „MECHANIZED INFANTRY“ AND ALL FURTHER ACTIVIES. ANY LAST WORDS? 304: Listen to the voices in your head – and join the „MECHANIZED INFANTRY“/ life to the full – as you will be a long-time dead! 316: Vielen Dank für das Interesse an V2A. Wir hoffen euch in den Reihen der „V2A MECHANIZED INFANTRY“ Willkommen zu heißen – setzt eure Gasmaske auf und get ready for GROUND ASSAULT! Wir sehen Euch -> ON THE DANCEFLOOR!!!

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