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HI! HOW ARE YOU? WHERE ARE YOU? I think I’m fine, and actually as I’m answering the questions I’m sitting before my computer at home … in France. IS THIS YOUR FIRST BAND OR HAVE YOUR MEMBERS BEEN IN OTHER FORMATIONS BEFORE THIS? WHAT WAS YOUR PLAN WHEN YOU GOT TOGETHER TO GIVE BIRTH TO VORKREIST? Most of the members come from bands like Hell Militia, Psoriasis, Olc Sinnsir , LLB … or Antaeus. I personally joined the band the last, 3 years ago. The purpose was to deliver our own vision of Satanic Death-BM, violent, raw, devoted to darkness. NOW IT IS FINISHED, HOW HAPPY ARE YOU WITH “SABATHICAL FLESH POSESSION”? I don’t know whether we’re happy or not. It could have been better concerning the sound, but we wanted something harsh, aggressive and intense so I guess it is ok with the whole band. I think the answer from the audience is ok too. HOW WAS CONTACT WITH XTREEM MUSIC ESTABLISHED? WHY DID YOU CHOSE TO GO WITH THEM, INSTEAD OF POSSIBLY A FRENCH LABEL? We chose this deal because the conditions were the most interesting and the contact was efficient. The only French label we were in contact with had „money problems“, too bad … WHERE YOU ABLE TO ATTEND THE XTREEM MUSIC FESTIVAL JUST RECENTLY? WHAT DO YOU FEEL ABOUT THE BANDS ON THE LABEL IN GENERAL? Well, we were not … I do personally not know all the bands that Xtreem released but I guess most are ok. They mostly come from the DM scene, that’s why we may sound a bit different. HOW DID RECORDING OF THE ALBUM GO? WHO WAS RESPONSIBLE FOR PRODUCTION WORK? The recording session was short. It was sometimes a bit tense : the guy we worked with made some mistakes … He is the drummer from 7th Nemesis, a French DM band. CAN YOU TELL US, HOW YOU MANAGED TO GET THIS CRUSHING DRUM SOUND, OR IS THIS A SECRET? This is no secret … We use the guy’s D-Drum to be more „efficient“ YOUR MUSIC SEEMS TO INCORPORATE THE BEST OF QUITE A LOT DIFFERENT GENRES. DO YOU HAVE AN ECLECTIC MUSICAL TASTE OR DO YOU SIMPLY LIKE TO KEEP THINGS INTERESTING? I think the compositions reflects as a matter of fact our different tastes concerning extreme metal. AK and LSK (guitar and bass) are mainly responsible of the tracks music and patterns. We try to fit to our own taste and regurgitate the hate the world inspires us. It must sound „interesting“ to us first, afterwards, it depends on the auditors ‚ interpretation. SONGS HARDLY EVER TAKE THE “OBVIOUS” ROUTE AND NONE OF THEM REALLY STICKS TO THE SIMPLE FORMULA OF VERSE/CHORUS – WAS IT AN INTENTIONAL CHOICE TO EXPERIMENT? It depends on the tracks. It is not a rule to avoid this kind of structure as it has always been used in old metal styles. It might sometimes bring a „catchy“ dimension to the atmosphere we want to depict, as in „Thorntorment“ or „At the Side of the Beast“. I THOUGHT “THORNTORMENT THE IMPALED” WITH ITS “PUNKY” RIFFS SOUNDED DIFFERENT THAN THE OTHER TRACKS – WAS IT WRITTEN AT A LATER DATE OR IS THIS A COINCIDENCE? It is not a „coincidence“. We wanted this track to sound different, fast and aggressive, right in the face BM. I won’t say it is „punk“ much more we wanted to have a demented track to kick up the audience on stage, among more traditional DBM compositions. TWO TRACKS ON THE ALBUM ORIGINATE FROM YOUR FIRST DEMO – WHERE THEY ALTERED IN ANY WAY OR JUST RERECORDED? IS THAT DEMO STILL AVAILABLE? They were only re-recorded, they were the originals of our gathering so we kept them. I guess the demo hasn’t been reedited so far … HOW DO SONGS EVOLVE IN THE COMPOSING PROCESS? THE ALBUM SOUNDS VERY MUCH AS THOUGH THEY ARE THE RESULT OF THE WHOLE BANDS CONTRIBUTIONS. It is in a way. As I said Lsk, AK and Silmaeth build the tracks, and we work as a team to fit to our whole vision of them. I write the lyrics and add them to the structures, according to what sounds the best for the 4 other members and I. The purpose is to create what we really appreciate. DID ALL TRACKS FROM THE SESSIONS MAKE IT TO THE ALBUM OR ARE THERE STILL SOME AS YET UNHEARD MASTERPIECES WAITING TO BE RELEASED? We are actually working on the new material. We don’t stop creating because of a concert or a recording session. The composition process is natural. Ideas come, we use them, we exploit them, regardless of the time or activities we have outside. It comes from feelings, emotions, it can’t stand with a peculiar planning. WHY DID YOU CHOSE TO RELEASE THE ALBUM ON VINYL AS WELL? WILL THERE BE A DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE TWO RELEASES? WHY WILL IT BE RELEASED ON SOMBRE RECORDS? Well, it is no more a certainty that we should release the vinyl version … WHAT DOES SATANISM MEAN TO YOU, WHAT DOES IT STAND FOR? We try to express „Satan“, to show „Satan“ as He is in our personal way, in a extreme Metal band’s way. Satan is beyond us and inside us. Is it a symbol ? A personification of our perversions, our deviant desires , our will to destroy and conquer ? This race needs a new god, if it has really the need for one. Too many conceptions about Satan to be objective now, in a way the disease is spread … fuck those who can’t dig what’s happening ! No dogmas, just US ! HOW DO YOU VIEW THE CURRENT SCENE FOR EXTREME METAL? WHAT CAN YOU TELL US ABOUT THE SITUATION IN PARIS – IT HARDLY SOUNDS LIKE THE IDEAL PLACE FOR AN EXTREME METAL BAND TO ME. Don’t think so … There are plenty of bands here, few are of quality, few are motivated by their real instincts and desires. They just want to have friends … and share their despair. Though, I (and most of the people I know) am proud of the progression of French metal scene. I NOTICED THAT THERE ARE NO CURRENT LIVE DATES – WHY? WILL THERE BE A TOUR WITH LIKEMINDED BANDS IN THE FORSEABLE FUTURE, FOR EXAMPLE WITH OTHER BANDS FROM YOUR LABEL? Actually we have to play in Portugal in April and a tour had been put into question in Germany. Dates are difficult to get near Paris, too expensive (he he …) … For the time being we work, and our other projects take us a lot of time too. WHATS ON YOUR LIVE-PROGRAMME AT THE MOMENT? ARE YOU PLAYING COVERS FROM OTHER BANDS? NEW SONGS FOR THE NEXT ALBUM? The only cover we worked on was “ Maze of Torment“, old stuff from Morbid .Angel,. but we never played it on stage, lack of time and too much personal material. I can say that almost 6 new tracks are ready nowadays. We should keep our favorite tracks from „Sabbathical …“ and add the new ones step by step. We already staged „VKT KonKlav „and „TorturKult Messiah“ on our gigs in Belgium and France for example, which are the first creations we composed during and after the recording of the album. SOME PEOPLE FEEL THERE IS SOMETHING TYPICALLY FRENCH ABOUT YOU, I DON’T. WHO IS RIGHT? Typically french ? … I agree with you. According to our influences, there is nothing about a french touch in our music … Maybe about our behaviour … ANY FAMOUS LAST WORDS? Vice is our Kult and Toil … hark the judgement of the Konklav … you may see your reflection in His eyes … THANK YOU!

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