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HI! HOW ARE YOU? WHERE ARE YOU? Hello!!! The band is fine, thanks. My name is Shag, I’m playing bass guitar in ZUUL FX and I’m going to answer your questions. I am in Paris! 🙂 „BY THE CROSS“ IS OUT AND VERY IMPRESSIVE. ARE YOU CONTENT WITH EVERYTHING? HOW ARE YOUR FEELINGS NOW AFTER WORK IS DONE? Well, we are very happy with this album because it sounds like we expected! First you have the songs and then you have to succeed to make them out with the big sound you would like… It’s not the easiest part of the job! But with the great producer we had and the lighted ideas of the members of ZUUL FX the album is looking like us! AS YOU ARE A QUITE NEW IN THE METAL SCENE (AS A BAND) COULD YOU PLEASE INTRODUCE YOURSELF TO OUR READERS?! ZUUL FX is born with the idea of Steeve Petit (ex-NO RETURN) to make a new power-metal band with a lot of different things inside. He met Blast from the band RAIN (from Switzerland) and the co-operation of the two guys seemed to work very well. They worked together at the beginning, then Aurel the drummer was there to record the great drums part you can listen to in the album. Then, I came in the band to make the bass parts. ZUUL FX is a French Swiss band but we are considered as a French band here. The fact is that we don’t care to be French, German or English, we are just making the metal that we want to play and we are wild on stage! This is a quick dress of the band! STEVEE HAS BEEN SINGER OF CULT ACT „NO RETURN“ FOR YEARS. IS THIS SLIGHTLY NEW MUSICAL DIRECTION SOMETHING HE HAS ALWAYS DREAMED OF? I’m not Steeve, but what I can say is that Steeve was talking to me at the end of the NO RETURN story that he wanted to record new songs in a very different style. He wanted to sing more, to put more emotions and sensibility in his voice. I think he succeeded in what he wanted with ZUUL FX! WHAT’S THE FEELING TO FIGHT FOR INTERNATIONAL BREAKTHROUGH AGAIN AFTER YOUR ACCLAIMED CAREER WITH „NO RETURN“? For Steeve, like for the rest of the band, the feeling is to make our music known in the first time. We have to go back to the beginning, like a newcomer band… But WE ARE a new-comer band!!! So the feeling is very good. We believe in what we are doing so we trust in the future. Let’s wait and see what will happen! MAYBE A DULL QUESTION: WHAT DOES THE BAND NAME MEAN? SOME AFRICAN INFLUENCES? ZUUL is the nickname of Steeve when he was young. The heart of this band comes from him… FX is for „effect“, like „special effect“ in movies… FX to describe the metal machine of ZUUL… AND HOW DID YOUR COLLABORATION WITH EQUILIBRE MUSIC START? ARE YOU CONTENT WITH THEIR PROMOTIONAL WORK? IS IT IMPORTANT THAT IT IS A FRENCH LABEL? The people from Equilibre Music are well known in the metal scene and industry for their work. The deal with this label was what we could expect from an international label. They do what they can on ZUUL FX and for the moment the collaboration is great. The only thing why it’s important to be a French label is because they speak French… Maybe it’s easier to understand all… And to understand all the contracts! But like I said, French, English or whatever, we don’t care! THE COVER IS VERY INTERESTING AND A LITTLE BIT MORBID. WHICH IS THE MESSAGE? DID YOU HAVE ANY INFLUENCE ON THE DESIGN? There is not so much a message behind the cover of the album. The fact is that this cover illustrates the main idea of the lyrics. „By The cross“ refers to all the killings, destructions and everything that happened in the name of God… And this is something that we think unbearable… We are always prisoners of a lot of things we learnt when we were young… Politics, religion, parents… There is not so much revolution and it’s like everybody accept the destiny of a world dominated by the power of things that we wouldn’t verify… Who is God? Nobody knows… But people are murdered in his name… With a different kind of thinking, maybe people can react… WHICH LYRICAL CONCEPT STANDS BEHIND “BY THE CROSS”? IT SEEMS TO REFER TO RELIGIOUS ISSUES. IS ZUUL FX A BAND WITH A POLITICAL OR RELIGIOUS STATEMENT? As I said, this is some kind of things that we feel close to but we are not standing for one or another thing. The lyrics of the album talk about life-styles… We just say that it’s better to be active than a follower… COULD YOU TELL US SOMETHING ABOUT THE PRODUCTION PROCESS? DOES THE SOUND FIT YOUR EXPECTATIONS? Yes, like the first question, the sound of the album fits quite well with our expectations! The producing took place in Paris in a small but crazy studio, the „Sainte-Marthe“ studio with the producer Francis Caste. He’s a killer! It took like 5 weeks to make all, with the mixing part. I REALLY LIKE THE BRUTAL VOCALS BUT IT SEEMS TO ME LIKE STEVEE IS NOT YET SELF CONFIDENT ENOUGH FOR THE CLEAN ONES. ANY COMMENTS ON THIS? It’s a new thing for him like for us! He’s self confident now with the stage experience. Steeve sings better and better every week and he’s great now in both styles of singing. REGARDING THE TRACKS ON „BY THE CROSS“ IT SEEMS TO ME AS IF YOU LIKE BANDS IN THE VEIN OF SLIPKNOT, FEAR FACTORY, STRAPPING YOUNG LAD. AM I RIGHT? DO YOU LIKE THE NEW METAL STYLES IN GENERAL (INDUSTRIAL, NU, METALCORE)? The feeling of the band in general about the bands you’re talking about would be more STRAPPING than anyone else. Of course we like FF as well for all what they brought to this kind of crazy metal. SLIPKNOT is farther… Everybody in the band like different styles of metal, maybe all! But Nu-Metal is not what we like… YOU MADE A VIDEO FOR “CABAL”. WILL YOU TELL US WHAT WE CAN EXPECT TO SEE? IS IT RELATED TO THE CLIVE BARKER MOVIE? No, the video has nothing to do with the great Clive Barker book/ movie. It’s the story of a girl who is bored at her office… At night she goes out and meets a girl and a man… The other girl wants her and they finally sleep all together… But at the end, there is a drama… You can imagine what happens in the „soft“ version“ but in the „hard“ one, you can see what really happened… AND WILL THIS VIDEO BE PLAYED ON TELEVISION? I HAVE HEARD STARLET ANGELA TIGER WILL APPEAR IN IT?! HOW DID YOU GET TO KNOW HER? WILL SHE SHOW SOME OF HER TALENTS? 🙂 This video-clip is still on television here in France, on MCM and M6 Music Rock… For the moment, MTV doesn’t want it, maybe it’s too hard for them!!! Angela Tiger shows her talents yes, but it’s because she directed the movie part of this video, the whole story with the girl and of course, she is the girl! WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT THE CURRENT FRENCH EXTREME METAL/ SCENE? TOO MANY BANDS? TOO MANY COPYCATS? ANY INTERESTING NEW INFLUENCES OR UNDERGROUND BANDS WHICH HAVE TO BE DISCOVERED? There are a lot of new bands yes in France, and a lot of good bands of course! The problem is that, you’re right, there are also a lot of copycats!!! But a lot are interesting! I first think about ETHS… They are not so new… But they’re great!!! YOU SEEM TO LIKE DARK MYSTERY THRILLERS COULD YOU TELL ME YOUR FAVOURITE TITLES? IS IT HANNIBAL LECTER BEHIND THE IRONCROSSES ON YOUR COVER? 🙂 Silence of the lamb is for sure a great thriller… I can’t answer for the other guys in ZUUL FX but for my part I was astonished by „SAW“ very recently… It’s one of the best movies in these last years! WHAT ARE YOUR OTHER INTERESTS BESIDES MUSIC? Blast the guitar-player is a big fan of wrestling… He knows all the stars in this sport. But I don’t think he was on a ring one day! 🙂 Zuul is a great artist, graphic designer… He made all the artwork of ZUUL FX. For my part, I play with images and I make movies. I did the editing of the clip „Cabal“ for ZUUL FX. I also like „karting“ sport. Aurel the drummer likes his drums!!! 🙂 WHEN WILL WE SEE YOU LIVE IN GERMANY AND WHAT CAN WE EXPECT? For the moment we don’t have sharp dates to give but we plan to come everywhere in Europe in October… But it’s just some expectations for now! YOU PLAYED SOME SINGLE GIGS, FOR EXAMPLE WITH ANOREXIA NERVOSA AND CRACK OV DAWN, WHO DIFFER IN SOUND AND STYLE. ANY INTERESTING STORIES/ CATASTROPHES CONCERNING THESE CONCERTS? They are good friends and there are not so many stories… All the stories are made behind the stage, after or before the shows… Maybe we’re lucky for the moment because no catastrophes happened… ARE YOU LOOKING FORWARD THE TROPHEES HARD ROCK MAG 2005 FESTIVAL IN LA LOCOMOTIVE? INTERESTING VENUE BY THE WAY, I ONCE ATTENDED A DISCO NIGHT THERE. IS THIS FESTIVAL THE FIRST STEP TO GET „INTERNATIONAL“? We played first of May for the hard-rock Awards, we were invited by the magazine to play some songs. It was cool. It was cool to be with other bands like ANATHEMA or SAMAEL… It’s a cool way to make our music known by a lot of people… We have to see then… The best thing was to meet Rudolf Schenker!!! He rules!!! ANY LAST – CROSSING – WORDS? Well, hope to see the German audience very soon and thanks to all the people who are still supporting us!!! We are nothing without the audience! You can speak with us on our website: and maybe share ideas and pictures!!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR SHARING YOUR TIME AND GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR STRONG EFFORT. Thanks to you and come on the website!

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