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NOW AS EMPEROR IS DEAD, HAS YOUR ATTITUDE SOMEHOW CHANGED TOWARDS ZYKLON? DO YOU FEEL MORE LIKE A „REAL“ BAND? Zyklon has always been a “real” band and was never any project that Samoth and me started. So I still have the same feeling for Zyklon now, as when we first started. WHICH DIFFERENCE IS IN YOUR OPINION THE MOST IMPORTANT BETWEEN THE TWO ALBUMS? AEON MAINLY SEEMS TO BE A LITTLE BIT SLOWER TO MY EARS AND WITH MORE DIVERSE SONGWRITING AND A LOT OF HEAVY STUFF… We did focus more on the songwriting and the arrangements this time. On the first album we had to find out what we wanted musically. But this time we already had the direction to work in. And we wanted to bring more elements of more groovy and more headbanging riffs. So we even made whole songs that are slow. The hard thing was to still have the intensity in the music at the same time. HAS THE TOURING WITH MORBID ANGEL SOMEHOW AFFECTED YOUR SONGWRITING? HOW DID YOU COME ALONG WITH THE GUYS? ANY INTERESTING OR STRANGE STORIES TO REPORT? Touring with MA and all the people they work with is just great. We have been so lucky to go on 3 tours with them. I dont think they have changed our way of writing songs, but we learned what worked and not while we where playing. So it have been a good experience for us. HOW DID THE NEW VOCALIST/BASS-PLAYER SECTHDAMON FIT IN? HAS HE ALREADY CONTRIBUTED TO THE SONGWRITING? IS ZYKLON A DEMOCRATIC BAND OR IS THERE SOME KIND OF HIERARCHY BETWEEN YOU? He fits Zyklon very well. He has many different vocal styles and is also a very good bass player. And we wanted a 4 piece band from the start. We all contribute in the song writing, so you might say it`s a democratic band. WHY DID YOU CHOSE THE FREDMAN STUDIO FOR MIXING THIS TIME? ARE YOU SATISFIED WITH THE RESULT? We wanted to use a different studio to mix this time and we looked at some studios in England, Norway and Sweden. Fredman studio had the time to mix the album when we wanted to, so we went for them. And I think the result is mush better than on WoW. WHAT CAN YOU SAY ABOUT THE MUSICAL GUESTS ON YOUR RECORDING (E.G. OFU KAHN, OCD AND DAEMON YOUR FORMER VOCALIST)? IS IT PLANNED OR JUST COINCIDENCE? It was just coincidence. We wanted to bring in some new elements and also some old, and they all fit for the job we had in our mind. AND HOW CAN YOU DESCRIBE YOUR PARTNERSHIP WITH BÅRD „FAUST“ EITHUN WHO WAS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE LYRICS? He is more like a fith member of the band, and also a good friend. And the fact that he writes very good lyrics is a bonus for us. YOU OBVIOUSLY LIKE WHIRLWINDS AND THE COVER FITS PERFECTLY. YOU USE SOME KIND OF MOVIE CREDITS ON IT SO IT COULD HAVE BEEN THE MOVIE POSTER FOR „TWISTER“. HAVE YOU SEEN THIS MOVIE AND IF YES, DID YOU LIKE IT? AND WHICH ARE YOUR FAVOURITE MOVIES ANYWAY? Yes we wanted the whole cover concept to look like a movie. I have seen Twister, but I dont think that was a good movie. I like movies like Apocalypse Now, 12 monkeys, The Godfather, Snatch, Fight Club, Reservoir Dogs, Leaving las vegas, The lord of the rings and the list goes on. WHAT HAPPENED TO ULVERS „TERRORRIST RMX“, WHICH WAS ANNOUNCED BY THEM SOME TIME BEFORE AND WAS SAID TO BE INCLUDED ON AEON? It just did not happend. I guess it was not ment to be on Aeon… YOU MADE A MUSIC VIDEO FOR THE TRACK „PSYKLON AEON“. WHAT CAN WE EXPECT TO SEE AND WHO WAS THE CREATIVE MOTOR BEHIND THAT? It`s kind of an old school video, with us in the woods playing. And the guy that did this video is the photographer we have used in Emperor and Zyklon. He had the idea and together with a friend who works with videos, they made the video. HOW IMPORTANT IS “STYLE” IN DEATH AND BLACK METAL? I MEAN COVER ARTWORK, INTERNET PRESENCE, CLOTHES, POSING ETC. It is very important. If you see a cover that looks like shit, you dont take the time to listen to what music it is. So all the factors that you mention here make an important combination that makes the buyer interested in that product. The music should sell itself, but with the whole media circus that is today, you have to offer something more than just the music. DO YOU SEE ANY PROMISING NEWCOMERS IN NORWAY? I haven`t payed intention to what new bands there are here today. There are so many new bands popping up from everywhere, so it`s hard to check out everything. There is a couple of bands like Discipline and Audiopain that are worth checking out, but I`m sure there is a lot more. WHAT DO YOU THINK OF MP3-RIPPING VS COPY PROTECTION? HAS YOUR OPINION CHANGED WITH BETTER SALES OF YOUR ALBUMS? I think that the people who really like your music go out and buy the “real” thing. But there is a good thing with MP3 ripping, and that is that people get easier acess to music that they normaly would not discover in the music store. So it`s both positive and negative sides of it. WHAT ARE YOUR TOURING PLANS IN THE NEAR FUTURE? I guess it`s a European tour and a US tour first. And then some festivals here and there. ANY LAST WORDS? Thank you for the interview, and thanks to all the people that have supported us all these years. I hope they like our new album and come to the show when we play in your region… THANK YOU VERY MUCH AND GOOD LUCK WITH “AEON”!

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