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Ort: Tallinn (Estland)

Datum: 16.10.2004

Dieses mal etwas Besonderes: Ein Bericht der etwas anderen Art von unserer weiblichen Estland-Außenstelle, natürlich in Englisch und garniert mit tollen Fotos von HOCICO und dem finnischen Support KUROSHIO CURRENT! Als weitere Vorband fungierten übrigens die einheimischen FORGOTTEN SUNRISE, die das ganze Event auch organisiert haben!

Mission: To Wrack and Ruin!

HOCICO – Heaven and hell in Tallinn! A small club – a sea of flesh – everyone yearning to see, everyone lusting to hear. Flesh, sweat and raging rapture! From wall to wall, from heaven to hell.and floor to the ceiling. Pushing and screaming, shouting and jumping. Small stage – Straight contact! Energy – synergy! No boundaries between anything or anyone! Sweat splashes from stage! You feel the airwave pressure with every jump Erk takes, every move he makes! You hear him gasping for breath! You hear the shouts before reaching the mike! Crowd reflections on black shiny pupils, real touches of steaming skin! Heaven and hell! Chaos and mass hysteria! Splendid.divine. New tracks attacking the old ones. Skeleton armys marching on backscreen. Erk’s going berserk. Racso as stoic as ice, pushing the keys and turning the knobs.

HOCICO – the ultimate power source – the energy bomb! The most dangerous weapon from Mexico. Surrender.and join – get yourself wracked and ruined!

Copyright Fotos: der5pezialist

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