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Ort: Tallinn - Kultuuritehas

Datum: 22.01.2005

Von unserer Estland-Korrespondentin kommt ein neuer faszinierender Bericht über den wahren Untergrund…

If you would like to experience something truly underground in its nature, you should take part in Schwerindustrie events, in Tallinn, Estonia. EISENWERK is an event brand of Estonian central industrial medium Schwerindustrie, and this time it was already the 4th event. The 4th EISENWERK took place in the very exclusive surroundings of an old abandoned factory „Polymer“.

220105. Dark factory building, the relic of soviet monumental industrialism lying in the middle of nowhere… Hidden in the black Baltic winters and full of most extraordinary technical sounds, dark stairs and looming corridors. Labyrinths of minds and architecture. But wait till you find the hall of columns, third floor – and the green lasers slashing the darkness. The structures of lights and sound will take you away. And hack into your mind. Deep night saturated with electronic noise and flashing lights, and gathering people of many different nations and countries… Here is the atmosphere of true sub-cultural force. djGrese opens event with a set of power electronics vs power noise. Soon followed by Cyberika, a charming girl and energetic set, making everyone dance and dimming the troubles of life and existence.

The first live act to perform is a one man project from Riga – GAS OF LATVIA. Andžons turning the knobs in front of the surreal video footages running on the back screen. His main instruments on the stage are mixer, laptop and analogue radio receiver. He works both with synthesis and acoustic, pre-recorded field sound. The outcome is very deep and meditative. The hypnotic vibrations of electronics and radio waves from VEF206 (the nostalgic anachronism on the stage… VEF – the radio receiver from non-existent Soviet Latvia). The antennas were wailing and cigarettes burning…

The gap between lives turns into a harsh playground of dj’s. Starting with sparkling set of djCyberika and later taken over by Tanzdiktator, with more masculine tracks and ultimate power drive. Crowd loves them both!

The next ones to step onto the stage are two Latvian lads forming the group of MARCHWITZA. Their live is totally smashing! The guys raging on stage in shirts of mesh and technical nuts! Screaming into microphone! The hitting beats and catching noisy loops! Audience is completely under their spell! The performance is extraordinarily powerful and impressive. The perfect mixture of noisy sound schemes and killer rhythm patterns. MARCHWITZA is one of the most promising young projects from Latvia, having just recently released their debut album “Have A Hard Day “ under their local cult-label Sturm.

! Long live MARCHWITZA !

Guest dj – djRulls, is a well known underground dj in Baltics, a real killer. He masters his job well, keeping the factory dancefloor sweaty and active with drum’n’noise tracks and fast beat industrial.

One hour past midnight. It’s time to hold your breath! -Ladies and Gentlemen, Comrades and Workers!- Schwerindustrie proudly presents – KLANGSTABIL! The lights dim and flash bright again! Maurizio and Boris step onto the stage. After quite peaceful intro with both men busy behind the machines, Boris clutches the mike and clenching it wildly, starts to pace back and forth on the stage. Letting all the emotions burst out of him – with such a passion and pain – it reaches and touches every single soul in the room. So expressive, so convincing – every word like an ocean of feelings, every sound piercing deep. It shatters. The set consisted mostly of the last album’s tracks – such as „You May Start“, impressive „Between“, „Push Yourself“ etc. Featuring as well agonizing „Gloomy Day“ with Italian lyrics – a super vocal performance by Maurizio. Beyond doubt, KLANGSTABIL, is one of the most unique projects, with such an expressive style, hitting direct lyrics and enthralling analogue sounds. Something really unique. The live performances of which everyone should experience himself.

The perfect ending for EISENWERK IV was a powerful dj set of djGrese. Leaving the walls of Polymer to echo for many days more! „

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