36 CRAZYFISTS – Studioreport

Die 36CF sind gerade im Studio und nehmen ihr drittes Album für Roadrunner auf. Gitarrist Steve Holt schreibt auf der offiziellen Seite der Band:

„Hey Dudes and Dudettes. Things are rolling right along in the 36CF camp. Mick has finished all of his bass tracking now and did a killer job. All the music is nearly done, with the exception of a few things and is sounding great.

Brock is way into the vocal tracking now and I got to say he has never sounded better. His screams are brutal, and his singing voice is the cleanest I’ve heard it. We have a few guests on the record. The first we had in was Tom Gomes (Killswitch Engage, Something of A Silhouette), who laid down some drumming on a tune. He is a great guy and a great drummer, much thanks to Tom. Next we had in the infamous Mr. Jones, yes gang, big Howard came in on the 14th and did some vocals on a track with Brock, something they have been talking about doing for sometime. This track is crushing. Thanks big guy!

Saturday we had in the last guest and one that we are very excited about. His bands have been a huge influence to all of us. Jonah Jenkins (Only Living Witness, Miltown, Milligram, Raw Radar War) came in and did vocals on a track with Brock. I tried not to fan boy out too much, but it was tough, as this guy is one of my all time favorite singers, and the song is going be great.

In other news on the 15th we attended the Roadrunner 25th anniversary party/show and had a blast meeting up with past tour buddies and meeting new people as well. Congratulations to Roadrunner, Monte and all the staff, past and present, its an honor to be on such a great label. In classic 36CF fashion we had some overly drunk run-ins but I’ll let your minds wander. Alright for now… „

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