AT THE GATES – Tribute Sampler

GOI MUSIC und DROWNED SCREAM RECORDS präsentieren einen interessanten Tribute Sampler an eine schwedische Death Metal Legende, hier alle Infos

„Slaughterous Souls – A Tribute to AT THE GATES“
TAETRE (Sweden) – At the Gates
GODHATE (Sweden) – Kingdom Gone
MÖRK GRYNING (Sweden) – Neverwhere
MOONSKIN (Israel) – Raped by the Light of Christ
DARKNESS BY OATH (Basque Country) – The Swarm
SOUL DEMISE (Germany) – Forever Blind
ETERNAL OATH (Sweden)- The Fevered Circle
ETERNAL GRAY (Israel)- Blinded by Fear
ILLDISPOSED (Denmark) – Slaughter of the Soul
ENTER CHAOS (Poland) – Cold
DETONATION (Holland) – Under a Serpent Sun
MISANTHROPE (France) – Suicide Nation
PAGANIZER (Sweden) – Nausea
VILE (USA)- Cold (live cover)
Bonus Track:
IN AETERNUM – Blood Run from the Altar * GROTESQUE cover

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