Avulsed mit Problemen in Deutschland!

Pressemeldung von Avantgarde Music bzg. der Zensurprobleme von Avulsed in Deutschland:

The release of the Spanish brutallers much anticipated album „Yearning for the grotesque“ suffered serious troubles til the very end: the artwork has been judged „morally outrageous“ by two CD pressing plants who refused to manufacture this, unless we would dramatically change the whole cd booklet. This caused a substantial delay in the making. Not enough, a well known German distributor decided to drop distribution for this title for the very same reason, thus the album might be hard to find in Germany’s normal stores. We have no comment regarding this pathetic position, as the very same Company is also distributing a recent Strapping Young Lad album that features corpses of children just like Avulsed one.
We invite all German maniacs to buy it from the usual mailorder or underground shops. Our friendly company Perverted Taste is rleasing in April an LP edition of this album too !
AVULSED has re-started gigging since a few months on local basis, putting Spain into ashes. Most relevantly, they’ll be part of ViñaRock Festival (03.05.2003) Villarobledo (Ciudad Real), a true rock-event in Spain with several tens of thousands people attending every year.

Please spend an hour in blood by visiting the band FANTASTIC website at: www.avulsed.com/

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