BIOHAZARD und der Irak-Krieg

Billy To our friends everywhere, Recently, we’ve been bombarded with
questions regarding Biohazard’s stance on the war in Iraq. In regards to
that, let us remind everyone that we have been traveling this planet playing
our music and trying to identify with people in crisis everywhere, for the
last 14 or so years. We’ve been to Croatia, Yugoslavia, Russia, Israel,
Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Taiwan, Japan, Germany, Canada, The UK,
Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, etc.etc. … as well as having traveled the
USA extensively in cars, vans, and buses. We’ve learned through personal
experience that people are the same everywhere, regardless of race, creed,
color, or religious beliefs. We all feel the same hate, love, pleasure, and
pain. We all want to be free to live our lives the way we see fit. We all
have our good and bad times. And we hope that we all have the best
intentions for our fellow human beings in mind. With that being said, we
feel deep sadness watching the governments of our planet manipulate us into
hating each other. We should welcome our cultural differences, not hate each
other for them. We should pray for a quick end to this horrible, confusing
war. We should pray for an end to the killing. And we should pray for the
safety of everyone fighting for freedom against oppressive governments
everywhere. Like it says in the liner notes of our new cd, „There is no
honor in slaughtering the innocent.“

Forever misquoted and misunderstood,

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