BLACK DAHLIA MURDER erregt Öffentlichkeit…

Der BLACK DAHLIA MURDER Gitarrist Brian Eschbach wurde wegen Erregung öffentlichen Ärgernis eingebuchtet, lest die Details hier im O-Ton:

On July 23rd at Ozzfest in Pittsburgh, PA The Black Dahlia Murder guitarist Brian Eschbach was arrested for indecent exposure while filming footage for FUSE TV’s Uranium. Brian was given Uranium host Juliya’s camcorder and was walking around the second stage area interviewing random bands and fans when someone pulled his towel off, which happened to be the only thing he was wearing. The police immediately seized Brian and escorted him away to a holding cell on site where he was detained for about 30minutes before being let go with a citation. Luckily FUSE’s Uranium was onsite and caught everything on camera which will be aired not only on Uranium and Metal Asylum but also on a FUSE special on Ozzfest. MTV News was also at Ozzfest and you can catch both The Black Dahlia Murder and As I Lay Dying in their coverage of the festival ten to the hour every hour or watch it on MTV Overdrive right now by going to, and at the bottom of the page click overdrive. Here’s what Brian had to say about his brush with the law in Pittsburgh, “I’d like to start off by saying that it feels good to be free. Of coarse its weird saying that when this incident just draws so much light on how much injustice there is in America and how much general lack of freedom we really have. But it feels good to be back on tour rocking with my band mates… and word up to all my boys in cell A and I hope to see you all again soon.”

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