BLACK TAPE FOR A BLUE GIRL live in Leipzig auf dem

Sam Rosenthal, Kopf der Formation Black tape for a blue girl schickte uns folgendes Statement:

Black tape for a blue girl perform in europe – leipzig, germany – the wave-gothik-treffen festival – june 6-9 – performing sunday night, june 8th, at the agra! -auttograph session – saturday june 7th at the cinestar

The promoters have been updating their website and they now have the schedule with all the bands to help coordinate which shows you plan to attend. black tape for a blue girl perform Sunday Night at 8:40 in the Agra Hall, sandwiched smartly between Diary of Dreams and Faith & The Muse. Cold Meat Industry’s amazing band Arcana play the same night across town at 11:05. Drat, will I be able to make it? On Monday, La Floa Maldita, Chandeen and Stoa all perform at the Schauspielhaus. There’s also a showing of the 4 hour Cure Trilogy DVD, where they perform the entire Faith, Disentegration & Bloodflowers albums. Wow! I wonder if that DVD will be released in America?

Our band will have the line-up from last year’s Projekt fest: Elysabeth on vocals & viola, Lisa on flute & backing vocals, Michael on percussion & vocals, Bret on acoustic guitar & vocals, and myself (Sam) on electronics. We have added a couple of additional songs to our set, as well.songs to our set, as well.

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