Blackest of the Black Tour cancelled!

„On behalf of MAYHEM, I regret to inform you that the Blackest of the Black U.S. Tour (Danzig, Mayhem, Death Angel, Devil Driver) has been cancelled. We are extremely upset by this news as the band has prepared for months and are in top shape to conquer the country! Unfortunately, this decision was not made by us and beyond our control. From our side everything was planned, confirmed, taken care of and verbally agreed with the management of and Danzig himself. If it was up to us, we would be on your shores within days! The fate of the tour was not in our hands, and I can’t elaborate beyond that statement. However, don’t get too comfortable. In the midst of winter, 2005, we shall return with the “Rape Humanity with Pride Tour” complete a horrific stage presentation. So, to all our fans, stay Black and we will see you all early next year. The beast of MAYHEM cannot be stopped!!“

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