CALLENISH CIRCLE über ihr neues Album

Pat von CALLENISH CIRCLE gibt ein paar News zum neuen Album bekannt, hier seine Worte im O-Ton:

„Last couple of months we have been working very hard on our new (and meanwhile 5th) studio album. So far we have written the complete basics of 6 new tracks and we have plenty of cool material & ideas left for the rest of the album. It’s just a matter of putting the right ideas into song structures and work out the details. Some of the new song-titles are ‘This Day You Regret’, ‘Sweet Cyanide’ and ‘As You Speak’.

The recordings for the new, yet untitled, album are scheduled in May & June over here in The Netherlands with Gail Liebling (mastermind behind Gail of God). The mix will be done in Denmark with Tue Madsen (a.o. The Haunted, Illdisposed & Mnemic) at the well-known Antfarm Studio. Last but not least the album will be mastered by Peter Neuber at Mega Wimp Sound in Germany. At the moment we haven’t decided on the artist for the artwork yet. The new material music wise… well… just imagine the best of what we did on both Metal Blade albums, add some really cool groovy parts and combine this already deadly cocktail with some high-tech wacky soundscapes, delivered by mr. Liebling himself.

Furthermore the new album will feature a bonus DVD with a lot of cool video footage. On this bonus DVD there will be featured a completely professional (audio & visual) recorded live-show (recorded at the 013 venue in Tilburg), a home-video of our trip to the Piorno Rock Festival in Spain, a studio-report of the recordings of our upcoming album and some other interesting stuff. The release is scheduled for November on Metal Blade Records again. After the release we will also hit the road again to promote the album at the live front.“

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