CALLENISH CIRCLE von BBM-Tour gestrichen!

Die Bonded by Metal-Tour (Wir berichteten aus Essen) wird immer mehr zum Disaster – Nachdem bereits AGENT STEEL freiwillig ausstiegen, wurden nun CALLENISH CIRCLE vom Veranstalter gedropped, hier das offizielle Statement der Band:
„After already being kicked off the No Mercy – Easter Festivals last April for questionable reasons, Callenish Circle got droppped from the Bonded by Metal Tour last Monday 21.10 (right after the show in Innsbruck). The tour was a financial fiasco from the start on and Callenish Circle had to pay the ultimate price for that. Even though a huge amount of money was paid to get this support-slot Metallysee Tour Agency decided to kick the band off the bill together with 2 other bands. Hereby the band sincerely appologizes to their fans in Switserland, Italy, Spain and Portugal for not playing the scheduled shows. The band hopes to play these countries soon under better conditions.“

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