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Cruz Del Sur Music

Die Italiener von Cruz Del Sur Music freuen sich bekanntgeben zu können, dass man einen Vertrag mit der Firma Twilight unterzeichnet hat, die von nun an den Exclusiv-Vertrieb aller Cruz Del Sur-Releases in Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz übernehmen wird!

Dies betrifft zunächst die bereits veröffentlichten Alben von PHARAOH (“After The Fire”) mit Tim Aymar an den Vocals sowie von NARCOZE (“Genoma”). Rezensionen zu beiden Scheiben findet ihr in der CD-Sektion.

Des weiteren gibt es folgende News zu demnächst geplanten Veröffentlichungen:

Argentinean Power Metallers JEZABEL have almost finished the recordings of their album entitled “Legiones Del Sur” – one of the most promising bands of the Southern American continent. The CD will be released in a special local edition for Argentina and South America. The band took also part to the shooting of a video-clip (the song chosen was “Un paso más).
Release date: July 2003.

German brightest Star ASTERIUS has confirmed Alex Krull, lead singer of the mighty Atrocity, has the Hand that will make the sound of “A Moment of Singularity” shine. Shortly the band will finish the recordings at Subzero Studio. The band will also soon take part of a photo session under the guidance of Jens Howorka, author of some beautiful Orkus’ covers (HIM, LONDON AFTER MINDINGHT, IN STRICT CONFIDENCE etc.).
Release date: October 2003.

In an outstanding strike of luck Cruz Del Sur Music signed the mighty San Francisco’s HAMMERS OF MISFORTUNE. Another product of the prolific US Metal scene, this band already surprised many with their first album “The Bastard”, an intense three-acts Metal Opera released by Tumult Records in 2002. Now we have found an agreement with them for the release of “The August Engine” (title yet to be confirmed), H.O.M.’s second album. The band features ex or actual members of acts such as GWAR, L7, AMBER ASYLUM and SLOUGH FEG.
Release date: October 2003.

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