Lord Ahriman erzählt uns etwas über das neue Album, lest selbst im satanischen O-Ton:

Monday is the day we’ve all been waiting for! Hell yeah, Monday we will finally enter Dug Out Studios with producer Daniel Bergstrand (Meshuggah, Strapping Young Lad, In Flames, Behemoth a.s.o.) to begin the work and recording of our new, yet untitled Satanic Symphony. We are scheduled to be located at the dungeons of Dug Out Studios between May 23 to July 1st.

Since we will be continuing to write material and work on arrangements in the studio, I can unfortunately not say much about the actual new songs. And even tough WE have an exclusive insight on the new material, I can assure you that we, the band, are as curious as all of you to find out and hear what the final result will sound alike.

To at least give you some kind of information on the new stuff. I can tell you as much as with THIS album we have been, and still are, specifically working to make improvements on the drum-side (to get a more complex and rhythmic drumming then before) as well as the guitar side of the music of course. Many of the melodies I’ve written so far for this album are the fastest I’ve ever written, which in a way give them a more atmospheric and „Classical“ touch then ever before, while others are perhaps abit slower but with a darker and more depressive feeling.

My plan is to keep our fans registred to our „official forum“ exclusively up-dated once a week during the whole recording session (feel free to spread the word). So, if you’re not already registred, do it here (www.statikmajik.com/gd/forums) NOW!“

Hail Metal. Hail Satan
Lord Ahriman & DARK FUNERAL

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