DARKTHRONE mit eigenem Label

Die Norweger DARKTHRONE geben die Gründung eines eigenen Labels bekannt: Tyrant Syndicate Productions. Nocturno Culto und Fenriz haben auch bereits ein erstes Signing: AURA NOIR, deren neues Album „The Merciless“ das Label Debüt von TSP sein wird. Hier Nocturno Culto im O-Ton über das Label:
„Tyrant Syndicate Productions is a result of a collaboration with Peaceville on the one hand and Fenriz and myself on the other. The general running of the label has fallen on me, mostly as I’m much more involved in technology than Fenriz, and besides, I want to do it. When the Peaceville people were interested in setting up a label for us, our mind began to circle around what to do with what can be called our extended music-related freedom, and we soon had a plan.
We are aiming for exclusive releases only. We want high-credibility underground bands, both known and unknown. Time is working FOR US now, and we have all the time in the world. Tyrant Syndicate Prod. will prove to the metal community that we have the ability to release what is supreme metal. The first band we have signed is Aura Noir from Oslo, with their new album „The Merciless“. This masterpiece will be an indication on the quality-level we are aiming for, and therefore it’s our responsibility to follow things up after this release. Since our releases go through the usually Peaceville channels, the result will be a high-quality, well-distributed product that will have great impact wherever you can get these products. And luckily, there are still loads of great metal-acts left in the world….“

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