Am 07.03.2005 erscheint der zweite Teil der DROPKICK MURPHYS-Single Collection.

Aber lest selbst, was Euch erwartet:
The second in a series of compilation albums from Dropkick Murphys, The Singles Collection 2 is a chronicle of the band´s unique anthemic rock sound, mixing Celtic folk and aggressive street punk. Unlike traditional greatest hits albums The Singles Collection 2 is an extensive anthology of the band´s favorite songs from 7″ singles, split EP´s, tribute albums and compilations over the past 6 years, including tracks from the European only release of the single „Walk Away“ and their most recent single release „Tessie“.

From the guitar driven opening of „21 Guitar Salute“ to the working class rock anthem „We Got The Power,“ The Singles Collection showcases some of the best non-album material the band has produced over the past six years, including cover songs from a variety of legendary bands the Murphys wanted to pay tribute to: Motorhead, The Misfits, Shane MacGowan`s first band The Nipple Erectors and the only other band to mix rock`n´roll with bagpipes, AC/DC.

Dropkick Murphys are currently in the studio working on their follow up to 2003´s „Blackout“ with their fifth, as yet untitled, album due for release in June 2005.

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