EX -NASUM-Musiker machen weiter

Nachdem Sänger Mieszko beim Tsunami in Asien ums Leben gekommen ist, haben die verbleibenden Mitglieder nun vor eine neue Band aus der Taufe zu heben. So meint Drummer Anders auf der NASUM-Homepage:

„On Friday, October 21, Jon [NASUM bassist/vocalist] and Urban [guitar] come to Örebro. We are going to kickstart a new little project, which will include Jesper in the future, but this weekend its just us three. Yes, it’s all ex-NASUM members in this project, and yes, there will be a great amount of grinding done, but no — this is not NASUM part 2, this is just a couple of friends who happen to like playing together catching up and making some music at the same time. I’ll tell you more when there is something more to tell, this weekend we’ll just write some songs I guess and see what happens. A recording is planed sometime, but nothing more than that. I’ve been looking forward to this weekend many many weeks now so I am very excited about all this.“

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