FINNTROLL feuern Sänger

Wie auf der offiziellen Band-Page zu lesen ist, wird Tapio Wilska ab sofort nicht mehr Fronter der finnischen Humppa-Metaller FINNTROLL sein. Wilska dazu: „With a heavy heart I bring you the following news: In a band meeting one hour ago I was fired as a singer of FINNTROLL. Reasons are many and for the most part private, but personal differences and lack of discussion have led my bandmates to doubt my commitment for this band. I believe this will be discussed widely in the following days and more info will undoubtedly be out soon for your viewing pleasure. I will only say the following: These past three years have been the best times of my life and I want to thank all the friends I’ve gained from this, crews past and present, supporters who came to our shows and shared the good and the bad times. I will always cherish you in my heart. Thanks for my now ex-bandmates for sharing this experience with me. Life goes on and wounds will heal. The future remains to be seen. Thank all of you and see you sometime, somewhere.“

Ein Ersatz ist noch nicht gefunden und so darf man gespannt sein, ob oder mit wem die trinkfesten Trolle im April die No Mercy-Tour mit CANNIBAL CORPSE und KATAKLYSM bestreiten werden.

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