FRAGMENTS OF THE UNBECOMING haben die Tracklist ihres neuen Werkes angekündigt, hier ein paar Worte der Band im O-Ton dazu:

”Welcome you Fragmentorrists! We wish you a successful and perfect year 2006!!! …the New Year has just begun and it’s again time to spread some words. First of all, we already finished the recording, mixing and even mastering of our forthcoming album “Sterling Black Icon” – thanks again to Christoph of the Iguana Studios for a great work! There is certainly an evident progression from „Skywards“, which we are really excited about, as well as relieved. „Sterling Black Icon“ is more well-rounded, more balanced, and closer to the goal of FRAGMENTS OF UNBECOMING, which is to write music that is original and straight-forward at the same time. We made the right decision getting Sam as our new frontman/vocalist (and fifth member), because this combination gives the music the necessary flair and variation. The songwriting is much more compact now.

Und hier die Tracklist im Detail:
01 Carmine Preface
02 Sterling Black Icon
03 Weave Their Barren Path
04 Dear Floating Water
05 Breathe In The Black To See
06 Ride For A Fall
07 A Faint Illumination
08 Live For The Moment, Stay ´Til The End
09 Scythe Of Scarecrow
10 Onward To The Finger Of God
11 Stand The Tempest
12 Chambre Noir

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