FURZE bei Candlelight

Candlelight hat die norwegischen Schwarz Metaller FURZE gesigned, hier ein Statement dazu:

„As well as being the main instrumentalist in Furze, Woe J Reaper, is also in charge of the lyrics. On the new album UTD he has company in the form of: Mr. De-C on session drums for ‚Goatbreath‘ (the album’s oldest lyrics, from Oct ’97) and drums by the mighty Frost on two of the other album tracks. Ada has written (but not arranged) and recorded a guitar intro for one of the tracks. Furze experienced severe line up problems in the old days but The Reaper has been more than able to work efficiently and productively with these recent drummers to maintain the unmistakable Furze style. An enormous lust for the result Furze achieves and the will to keep working and not only talking (and then quitting) is the only way Furze have let others other than The Reaper convey his ‚Furzement‘ through the years. Certain personal limitations for what’s envisioned for certain parts in certain songs make us search for external musicians we need in order to reach the highest and only goal: The Song-Vision to be completed. I could NOT have recorded the drums on the 3 mentioned tracks from UTD as a whole, but I did write a lot of what they performed there, and this was then followed up by the artists themselves. UTD is without doubt the strongest Furze album so far!“

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