GAE BOLG sagen WGT Konzert ab

Die offizielle Info, dass Gae Bolg nun nicht auf dem diesjährigen WGT in Leipzig auftreten werden, kam soeben frisch hereingeflattert. Anbei die Verlautbarung von Eric Roger:

„Due to many unanswered questions, due to an unacceptable contract, due to the fact that I don’t want to be associated in any way with some bands who could convey certain ideas, imagery or ambiguity at the opposite of my convictions and ethic, due to my fragile health who don’t permit me to play in this difficult and uncertain conditions, Gaë Bolg will not play in Leipzig this year.

All my apologize to all of you who wanted to see us at this occasion. A proper Gaë Bolg tour is on discussion actually. If you are – or if you know some people – interested to organise a Gaë Bolg concert in your town, just contact us, all proposition are wellcome!!!“

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