Die Jungs von GOD DETHRONED richten ein paar launige Worte an euch, direkt von ihrer aktuellen Tour…

„Yo lads,
We´re halfway the tour with THE HAUNTED and GOD FORBID and it´s going great so far! Didn´t really had any major troubles and we played a lot of cool shows. Though we don´t really play for a death metal audience, we get a shitload of incredibly good reactions. Wicked! Last night The Haunted´s guitar player Jensen drove us all the way to Barcelona, Spain, cause apparently he wanted to do something useful instead of getting bored on the tourbus. It was cosy, but we didn´t have any sleep. Right now we´re hanging around, spending too much money on coffee and waiting for the other The Haunted guys to show up. A big „thanx!!“ to all the crazy mothafuckahz who banged their head, gave us some horns, started a slamming pit, or just enjoyed one of our performances on this tour. Y´all make it worthwhile! Also expect a picture gallery update and a tour report right after we´re home again. But now it´s time to rock the stage in Barcelona…“
(Isaac Delahaye/God Dethroned)

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