HATE ETERNAL nun zu viert

Die Mannen um Erik Rutan (Ex-MORBID ANGEL) haben mit Eric Hersemann einen zweiten Gitarristen in Band geholt um die Songs des neuen Albums „I, Monarch“ auch live angemessen performen zu können. Der Chef selbst dazu:

„Eric is an amazing guitarist who has worked extremely hard crafting his skills and is learning to perfection the HATE ETERNAL songs, old and new. To hear the music live with the second guitar, as it was written and performed in the studio, is amazing. This will be the first time ever in the history of the band we have played live as a four-piece. Such a powerful way to start touring for the release of our new album, ‚I, Monarch‘. We are now complete and look forward to the future with Eric in the fold“

Das dritte Album der US-Deather soll am 27. Juni in die Läden kommen.

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