Folgende Message postete Workaholic Peter Tägtgren kürzlich auf der HYPOCRISY-Homepage:

„Hell-o everybody!

We wanna thank everybody that came to the shows in Europe and the USA and supported us. This resulted in Cannibal Corpse wanting to take us out in the USA again in February/March 2004, after which we will tour Europe on the No Mercy Festival…

And for those of you who’ve already downloaded the new album on the net……..great, however, I just remixed and remasterd it. I’m soooooooooooo happy that I did it, it sound so much better and will end up on the CD when its out in stores: 16.02.2004 last minute as always (hypo-motto)

Have a good one and we will see you on the road!!!!!!!!


Auf der Homepage (www.hypocrisy.tv) gibt es übrigens auch die Gelegenheit, die Setlist für die anstehenden Tourneen zu beeinflussen!

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