IMPERIA bei ColdBlood

Cold Bloo Industries haben ein neues interessantes Signing am Start, ebenso wie ein neues Sublabel für etwas weniger harte Klänge:

„Cold Blood Industries have signed Imperia, featuring ex-Trail of Tears vocalist Helena Iren Michaelsen.
Imperia also features God Dethroned-drummer Arien. The complete line up will be revealed VERY soon! Imperia have already got 80 minutes of songmaterial and it will only be a short matter of time before the band can enter the stage! Stay tuned for more Imperia news….“

„From now on Cold Blood Industries will release all atmospheric acts throughout their new sublabel Ebony Tears.
Ebony Tears will be the gateway to the best atmospheric and gothic metal from now on. Starting out on September 20th with Greyswan’s debut ‚Thought Tormented Minds‘ the label will continuously release high quality atmospheric and gothic metalbands such as Imperia (featuring Helena Iren Michaelsen), The Wounded, To Elysium, Shadows Dance and more…“

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