Tim und Rob von INTO ETERNITY wurden kürzlich von J.F. (KATAKLYSM) in dessen Studio „entführt“ um bei einem Song für das neue Album der Kanada-Deather mitzuwirken. Tim dazu: „After our show in Montréal, Rob and I were picked up by J.F. (KATAKLYSM) and drove to his studio. Rob and I did guest work on a track for their new album called ‚Road to Devastation‘, where I played a guitar solo at the end of the track and Rob did trade-off vocals in the song’s chorus. We are really good friends with them now, and have been fans of the band long before we toured together. I have to say that their new album will turn a lot of heads, the songs sound really amazing. It was a big deal for us to do our best for the KATAKLYSM guys, as we consider them our brothers.“

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