J. Balance von COIL tot!

Heute starb wieder eine Musikerlegende: Geff Rushton – Vielen als Jhonn Balance
(Coil) verstarb bei einem Unfall unter Alkoholeinfluss in seiner Wohnung. Auf der Homepge befindet sich folgender Text in englisch:

„We are greatly saddened to have to you that at about 5.30 pm Saturday Nov 13th, Jhonn Balance, was killed in an accident at home. Under the influence of alcohol he fell from the first floor landing, hitting his head on the floor some 15ft below.
Peter/Sleazy who was in the front room heard the noise, came out investigate and found him unconscious, though still breathing. Balance was rushed to hospital, where his condition deteriorated, and he died soon after, without ever regaining consciousness.
There is no suggestion that this event was in any way deliberate, in fact, anything other than a tragic accident. Unusually, Balance had been cheerfull during the day, and was looking forward to seeing Ian at the weekend, and working on new recordings this week.
Our awareness that physical death is not an end, but mearly a transition to a whole different part of existence, a new adventure, should by now be clear to everyone. Jhonn has simply crossed over the Threshold… As Thomas Olson wrote this morning: „Listening to some Coil songs now, and they are all sounding to me now as if they were written for this moment….“
Nevertheless the parting will be hard for us all. Fortunately there is much to be done that will keep us busy in the next few difficult weeks. When we have more details we will post them.“

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