Joey Jordison als Live-Drummer bei Satyricon

Da Frost Probleme mit seinem Visum hat, werden SATYRICON auf ihrer US-Tour auf die Dienste von Joey Jordison (SLIPKNOT) zurückgreifen. Hier das Statement im O-Ton:
„On December 2nd Satyricon kick off their Second US Tour this year. The tour includes Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison playing drums for Satyricon. The never ending saga of Satyricon drummer Frost’s inability enter the US due to heightened homeland security has united Satyr and long time friend Joey Jordison for this three week run of dates. Satyr has questioned touring possibilities in the US, „Frost’s Visa to enter the States case has made everything extremely difficult for us and there have even been times I’ve thought to give up on touring America.” It is going to be a headlining tour along with two other artists on the bill- to be announced!
Satyr enthuses: “I’m just very glad that we have a new tour lined up. I think all of our fans stateside will agree that Satyricon deserve a better chance to establish the band and our style of music we believe in than, more so than we’ve had so far. I think our music, our effort and all the people who believe in Satyricon in the US want us to succeed and Joey Jordison is a good example of that. I never had to convince him that touring with Satyricon would be „cool“. It was rather a question of overcoming the practical obstacles with Joey being a key member of a very successful band. His enthusiasm and skill is exactly what Satyricon needs to raise the spirit in the camp. I have looked for drummers over here and most of them are afraid they can’t match Frost’s level of drumming so they pull out before we even get started with them. Joey and I have spent a lot of time making sure he is well prepared; and it is nice to be able to fulfill the wishes of all the fans I talked to on the Morbid Angel tour who wanted to see us play in America. Satyricon is coming back!“

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