Koji Tano / MSBR died on 31.07.2005

He is one of the most respected Japanese artists in contemporary electronic Music. additionally to countless great releases, he ran a record-store for experimental arts in Tokyo. he was also publisher of the famous DENZATSU magazine. besides his hard work for his ideas, he was a respectable and very fine person – and a friend. after only 2 months he lost his struggle against cancer and died on 31.07.2005 at the age of 44.

– we will never forget him –

to give a last honour to Koji Tano, Steinklang will publish a TRIBUTE TO KOJI TANO compilation for free download on the website: www.steinklang-records.at release-date is one month after Koji’s death, on 31.08.2005. daily updated information about the participating artists can be found here: www.steinklang-records.at/koji-tano.html

if You also want to contribute a musical salute to Koji Tano, please mail Your song to:
[email protected]
(mp3 – max.192kbps – max.10MB – deadline: 29.08.2005!!!)

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