Lasse Bak bei ILLDISPOSED gefeuert

Gitarrist Lasse Bak wurde von den wüsten ILLDISPOSED in dieselbige geschickt. Hier das offizielle Statement dazu:

„After returning from a succesful European tour and a few days of relaxing we’re back to normal again. But we had to fire one band member because of too many bad experiences during the last year. We will in no way lose quality due to this, it won’t affect the future of Illdisposed in any way. By now we’re not interested in a second guitar player. We’ll go on as a quartet, as Jakob has always been the best of our two guitarists. Lasse Bak will play his last show with the band on March 31st at The Rock in Copenhagen.

Besides that: Thank you to all the people who showed up during our European tour and had a party with us. See you next time.“

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