LEAETHER STRIP bei Alfa Matrix

Die EBM Heroen LEAETHER STRIP sind nun ein Teil des Alfa Matrix Rosters. Hier ein Statement von Claus Larsen dazu im O-Ton:

„Dear EBM heads“

All the shit is together now. There was a few bumps on the road, but that’s the way things are. I have together with the label Alfa Matrix agreed that it was about time I got out of my dark hole and start my dear old friend Leæther Strip up. It wasn’t really fair to him to just leave him in the ruins like an old car after all he gave me. A big thanks to the alfa Matrix team for giving me the push.
So here we go boys and girls. We have started the presales now for my first EP, called „Suicide Bombers“.
We need to get this scene up and running again, and to show the big boys we’re still alive. So I hope you will take a little trip to the Alfa Matrix site and show me that we can get the shit up and running again like the good old 90’s. Again I am still very touched by all your loving words. I’ve been working my ass off to bring Æ back, and I really hope you will like the EP. The lyrics are as personal as they ever were and I wanted to stay true to my older work. Also you get a free sticker if you buy it off the Alfa Matrix site. Ain’t that a hoot, hehe. I will get back to my work on the album, it’s almost finished mates.

Lots of bearhugs

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