Meiju verlässt ENSIFERUM

Nachdem ENSIFERUMs Keyborderin Meiju bereits auf der letzten Tour ersetzt werden musste, ist sie nun ganz aus der Band ausgestiegen. Bis auf Weiteres wird die bisherige Ersatzkeyborderin Emmi Silvennoinen ihren Part übernehmen.

Hier Meijus Statement:

Dear friends,

I’ve now reached the moment in my life when I need to stay out of the battle. It’s time for somebody else to take my place in Ensiferum. These almost 6 years have been totally unforgettable but also rough. After giving my absolutely 100% to this music, playing and shows I now feel exhausted but happy; it has been worth it. Nevertheless, I feel now it’s time for me to head out for new adventures.

Carry on holding the sword! I feel deep gratitude to all fans and friends who have encouraged me during these years. I want to thank Markus, Sami, Janne and Pete for all those once-in-a-lifetime moments and the inspirational atmosphere there has always been. You’re like brothers to me.

I wish good luck to my follower and true warrior spirit to all our listeners.
As long as there’s good beer left in the world, you can never really give up.

– Meiju Enho

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