MNEMIC mit neuem Sänger

Die dänischen Tech-Metaller MNEMIC und ihr Sänger Michael Bøgballe haben sich in aller Freundschaft getrennt: „It is sad it has come to this, but Michael has chosen a different path in his life and wishes to leave the band. This last weekend, we did our last gig together in Gothenburg, Sweden — which was one of the most intense and energetic gigs we have ever done, and this night will not be forgotten for a very long time“.
Ein Ersatz ist schon gefunden, so wird ab sofort Tony Jelencovich (ex-TRANSPORT LEAGUE/ B-THONG) den Platz am Mikro übernehmen: „Tony has been a longtime friend of the band, and we are 100 percent confident that he is the right man for the job!“

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