MOONSPELL – „Memorial“

MOONSPELL haben euch einiges zu ihrem neuen Album “Memorial” zu erzählen, doch lest selbst:

“The demand to listen or to take a quick glimpse at what „Memorial“ is about has been overwhelming and we are very honoured about it. The release date is still afar but is proud to present you a small sampler of our first single „Finisterra“. We know it is short and that won’t please anyone’s hunger yet it is what we can provide now. If you feel like leave your comment here or at the forum. It will be important for Moonspell. See you at the end of the earth. [email protected] The Memorial album will be released in the 21st of April in Germany. There will be two editions: one in a luxury digipack with a bonus unreleased song. The other on jewel-case. We are trying to make the video clip available in one of the editions. The single pick was „Finisterra“, also the opener of the album.”

The final order of the album shall be:
In Memoriam
Memento Mori
Sons Of Earth
Blood Tells
Upon The Blood Of Men
At The Image Of Pain
Once It Was Ours!
Mare Nostrum
Best Forgotten

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