Hier ein kurzer Zwischenstand zum neuen Album direkt aus dem Mund des Mannes mit der langen Nase:

„We’ve been working on the new album since summer last year, and there’s a number of songs now coming together, and the way it looks at the moment is that we’re once again heading into a new era. In my honest opinion the new material walks all over the previous stuff (even though we’re roughed that stuff up quite a lot for live).

As a matter of fact, we’re all going down to the studio in Fredrikstad again in a few days and we’ll be doing work for at least a couple of weeks ahead.

We’re taking so much time trying stuff out, testing programs (so far I have probably used in excess of 30 programs, including audio and softsynth apps but not including effect plugins, which would probably bring us into the 100’s) to see what happens, that it is hard to pinpoint a release date or date of completion, but our hearts are set at getting this album done by summer and then it’s in the label’s hands (Earache Records).

For the curious, up until now, possibly half way into the album, we’ve gone through an unknown amount of guitar effects, 8-10 different guitars, 2 drum kits, 3 Mac computers, 6-8 hardware synthesizers, 10+ bottles of Whisky for my vocals (the „only reason I show up in the studio some seem to think, which of course is utterly false and untrue).“

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