NASUM Statement zum Verschwinden Mieszkos

NASUM sollten eigentlich bei der P3 Guld Award Show einen Preis entgegen nehmen, aber wie wir schon berichteten, wird Sänger Mieszko seit der Tsunami-Katastrophe in Asien vermisst, die Band ließ dementsprechend folgendes Statement verlesen:

„Tonight we, Nasum, should have performed at the P3 Guld Award show, but we are unfortunately not able to do that since our singing guitarist Mieszko Talarczyk is missing in Thailand. The last time we heard from Mieszko was on December 23, his 30th birthday, when he emailed us from an Internetcafé. The subject was our performance at P3 Guld.

Three days later the gigant wave struck Phi Phi Island and seperated Mieszko and his girlfriend. The girlfriend was injured badly and is now going through all sorts of medical care in Sweden, but Mieszko is still missing in Thailand. He is also missed in Sweden. Since the news became official hundreds of people have gotten in touch with us. Friends, colleagues and complete strangers, all sharing the same anxiety.

We want to officially thank all of them for their support and compassion that definitively have helped us in this time of anxiety and uncertainty. Many people have in one way or another been affected by the Asian disaster. Many people have performed heroic acts to comfort and to help. Many minutes of silence have passed.

Minutes of silence have never been Nasum’s thing, so we now ask you to honor the deceased, the injured, the survivors and all the heroes with a big warm applause.“

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