NEAERA bei Metal Blade

METAL BLADE teilt mit, dass man die Newcomer von NEAERA gesigned hat (aus Münster!), die eine Mischung aus Metalcore und Schwedischem Death Metal spielen, hört, was sie selbst dazu zu sagen haben:
„It is still a little hard to grasp for us, but from today on we are actually in a contract with Metal Blade Records! Being offered a contract by Metal Blade was way beyond anything we would have dared to hope for when we started out! It is really great to see that a professional record label such as Metal Blade is offering such a huge chance to a relatively new band such as us. As much more are we overwhelmed by the fact that we now have the honour to speak of bands like BOLT THROWER, AMON AMARTH, AS I LAY DYING, CANNIBAL CORPSE and UNEARTH and call them our colleagues! Without the musical influences of all these great bands, we probably would not exist as a band .We are greatly looking forward to the future cooperation and want to thank all the people at Metal Blade for their confidence!“

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